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What is an Amazon Store?

Are you a salesperson thinking about how to increase your sales? Attract new customers? Or start selling online? Have you already heard about the Amazon Store? Well, this lesson is for you.

What does Amazon FBA refer to?

FBA, FBM, what do these acronyms refer to? If you don't know, don't worry. These are terms used in the Amazon world that we are going to deepen in this Amazon Training.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

If you are looking for a way to expand your business but don't have enough resources to invest in your activity, Amazon can be an opportunity. Learning how to sell on Amazon is not that difficult and you don't even need a lot to invest.

Why is ROAS Important?

Why is it important to know digital marketing metrics to measure on Amazon? Marketing metrics give you a clue whether your campaign is achieving the KPIs set above or not.

What is ACoS?

Next to the Roas metric we have another very important metric which is the ACoS. If you are an Amazon seller you can't be unaware of this metric. On the contrary, if you have never heard of it, we are now going to explain it in more detail.

How to win the Amazon Buy box?

Simply put, Amazon's Buy Box is the goose that lays the golden egg. In fact more than 78% of Amazon's total sales are made within the Buy Box, and that's why it represents immense value to any competitive seller.

What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program that allows you to sell high-quality certified refurbished products to millions of customers on Amazon, both domestic and international.

How to register your trademark on Amazon?

For sellers on Amazon, protecting your products with trademarks is critical to the success of your business. If you are going to sell on Amazon you must know and be able to secure the intellectual property of your brand or work. Do you know how to register your trademark on Amazon?

How to become Amazon's choice?

Product reviews, other customers' shopping experience and product feedback can help the user decide to buy one product or another. There is now an Amazon's Choice Badge that can also influence users' purchasing decisions.

What is the ASIN and why do you need it?

If you want to start selling on Amazon you can't miss the ASIN. The ASIN code of Amazon Amazon Standard Identification Number, is a combination of letters and numbers that serves as a unique identifier for each product sold through the platform.

What are the Bullet Points in Amazon?

Amazon's Bullet Points are short phrases that collect the main features of a product and are displayed on the product detail page, just below the product name and price, and therefore in a very relevant position.

How to do Keyword Research on Amazon?

Keyword research on Amazon is an important part of the success of your Amazon FBA product. How do we get started? What keywords should we use?

How to optimize images for products on Amazon?

In order to optimize images on Amazon, we must meet certain requirements that Amazon demands. What requirements do we need, what are the best practices?

How to use search terms on Amazon?

In order to use search terms on Amazon, we must understand what they mean and the different ways to optimize them.

How to optimize videos for products on Amazon?

Through product videos on Amazon, customers can actually see how a product works and meet their needs.

Why use Mass Editions for advertising on Amazon?

Mass Editions for Amazon advertising is a spreadsheet-based tool that provides access to various metrics.

How to use Sponsored Brands Ads on Amazon?

Sponsored Brands Ads on Amazon give us the opportunity to create a personalized shopping experience for our customers.

How to manage returns on Amazon?

Managing returns on Amazon is easy to control, but it can have a negative effect on our seller rating.

Increasing sales on Amazon, PPC Tips

Promoting our product is crucial to increase sales on Amazon. But it depends on the medium through which it is done.

Amazon Vendor Central FAQS Part 1/3

One of the frequently asked questions about Amazon Vendor Central is what it consists of. For companies that want to sell their products to Amazon.

Amazon Vendor Central FAQS Part 2/3

In this second part we will continue answering frequently asked questions about Amazon Vendor Central, and what it consists of.

Amazon Vendor Central FAQS Part 3/3

In this third and last part we will answer the frequently asked questions about Amazon Vendor Central, what they are and what we can do.

How to use Sponsored Display on Amazon?

Sponsored Display on Amazon allows you to target shoppers based on the pages the customer has viewed.

How to use Sponsored Products on Amazon?

Sponsored Products on Amazon allow you to promote individual products within Amazon search results.

How to find niche markets on Amazon?

To find niche markets on Amazon we must target smaller, more specific groups of customers with specific needs.

Advocacy campaigns, with brand keywords on Amazon

Bidding on brand keywords with Sponsored Ads on Amazon is a great way to connect with our ideal customers.

How does Amazon's A9 algorithm work?

If you want to successfully launch a product on Amazon, it is important to understand SEO within the marketplace, specifically the A9 Algorithm.

Amazon Best Seller Rank

Best Seller Rank is one of Amazon's metrics that seeks to reward successful users.

GTIN on Amazon: What is it and how does it benefit buyers and sellers?

Uniquely identify each product, avoid counterfeits and improve the shopper experience with the GTIN on Amazon.

What is the IPI Score on Amazon?

Improve your IPI Score on Amazon: Tips & Tricks to maximize your sales

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