Cómo encontrar nichos de mercado en Amazon

To find niche markets on Amazon we must answer the following questions:

What are niche markets?

Niche products are items that are included in product categories, targeted at smaller, specific groups of customers with specific needs.

We can find niche markets on Amazon when we narrow down a broad product category and look for unique subcategories.

By offering products in a smaller niche market, we will be targeting a much more specific audience by offering a specialized product rather than a more general product.

The idea of targeting a niche market is to offer products that are in high demand but with less competition.

How do you find a niche product?

There are several ways to find high-demand, low-competition products to sell online.

Search in subcategories

Search for products by choosing a broad category and drilling down into subcategories. The deeper you go, the more specialized the niche becomes and, hopefully, the less competition. We can do this on Amazon.

For example if we use one of the most popular and competitive e-commerce categories. But when you make a niche and drill down into several subcategories, you will most likely find less competition.

Once here, we will try to think about the different uses or target customers for that product. We can do some more research to see if there is enough demand in the market to launch a new product.

Online communities

Another way to find niche markets on Amazon is to search online communities such as Reddit, Instagram, Facebook groups and specialized forums.

We find a community that interests us and start reading the posts and comments that members write. Being active in a community around shared interests or hobbies will give us some ideas of niche products we can offer to that audience.

Don’t know how to find a community? We type any topic in the search bar. Start by searching for one of your hobbies or interests, or just type something random and see what comes up.

Keyword research

We find that customers frequently search by performing a keyword reserach on specific niches. We start by searching for a broad keyword and the tool will show us hundreds of related keywords that we can drill down on. Doing this is a good way to discover unique keywords and niches.

Evaluate product ideas

Once we discover some niche product ideas, we will need to evaluate them to make sure there is enough demand in the market. There are some key factors to consider before choosing a product to sell:

Product demand

Are customers looking for the product we want to sell, and is demand high enough for customers to buy the product on a daily basis?

The competence

Once the demand has been determined, the competition must be assessed. If the market is too saturated, we may not be able to make any sales or profits.


Is the product seasonal? How long is the season? Can we sell this product all year round? Let’s ask ourselves these questions before investing in a niche product.


Can we sell this product profitably? We need to make sure we can get the product at a low enough cost to make a profit on any marketplace or e-commerce platform we sell on.


Today, the way we market our product can make or break our brand. Take a look at the competition and see how they market their products. How can we improve our marketing to make the product and our brand stand out?

Some examples of niche markets on Amazon

Cat scratching board

People love their pets, and consumers love to spend money on their furry friends. What are some niche pet products? Like this scratching board for cats.

Customers are willing to pay more for a product that meets their needs and those of their pet. In this example, customers are willing to buy a product to file their cat’s nails if it means that they subsequently cause less damage to household furniture.

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