Amazon Ads management with artificial intelligence

Boost your sales, maximize the profitability of your products without wasting your time. Epinium creates, launches and optimizes Amazon Ads using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms.

Amazon Ads management with artificial intelligence

Brands and Agencies are getting great results on Amazon Ads with Epinium automation

Focus on strategy

Automate daily actions

Whether you are just starting out, want to increase sales, increase category market share or increase awareness, Epinium’s algorithm can help you achieve your goals.  Set your ACoS goal and desired daily budget; Epinium will take care of the rest.

Every € counts

Don't waste your advertising investment

Reduzca los costes haciendo que cada euro cuente. Reduzca automáticamente las pujas en las palabras clave que no rinden o en los productos con bajo inventario. Los múltiples ajustes automatizados de gestión del presupuesto permiten maximizar el retorno de la inversión en función del tráfico, el gasto y el rendimiento.

Reduce costs by making every euro count. Automatically reduce bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory. Multiple automated budget management settings allow you to maximize ROI based on traffic, spend and performance.

You can't compete with technology

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve performance in Amazon Ads.

Boost your sales on Amazon Ads

Achieve an objective profitability and optimize your time

Creation of express campaigns

Save time creating the structure, Epinium does it for you.

Performance-based automations

Automated bidding optimization with artificial intelligence 24/7

All markets and accounts

Launches campaigns for all countries, for Sellers and Vendors

Maximize your profits

We will allocate more investment to the campaigns that convert the most.

Avoid doing a previous keyword study

The algorithm discovers keyword and product segmentations for you.




“The software’s performance is very good and robust, as it has allowed us to position ourselves at a brand level on Amazon and increase sales considerably in multiple countries.”

Xavier Mas | CTO,  ROBIN HAT

Increase in the first 20 days of the launching of IA Campaigns











Choose your strategy and let's fly!

100% Self-generated

We take care of creating the campaigns without you having to add any kind of segmentation. You only have to fill in the following fields: Daily budget, % aCoS target, Products to be advertised.

Migrated from existing

Just select which campaigns you want to migrate to our artificial intelligence and we will automatically get the products to advertise, budget, segmentations and bids that you already had before. At the end you will be able to pause the original campaigns so that they are not cannibalized by the new ones. 

Own Segmentation

If you know how to create a keyword research, with this method you will save a part of the time and money that our automatic campaign would invest in finding those keywords that best fit your products.

What does the 24/7 algorithm do?

Keyword and product ads performance-based bidding optimization
Optimising bids by placement, prioritising TOP or Rest based on performance
Calculation and optimisation of the initial bid for newly discovered keywords.
Convert search terms into keywords and assign them to different ad groups and campaigns based on performance.
Negativation of search terms in ad groups
Balancing the budget in the 4 campaigns to focus the investment in the performance campaign.

What do Epinium users think?

We work with small and large brands to make their lives easier.

Jordi Ordoñez

Amazon Consultant

It is impossible to calculate the hours of work that Epinium has saved me in managing customer catalogs on Amazon. I have used it to massively modify catalogs of up to 3,500 SKUs and to be able to edit titles, bullet points... and, in addition, to perform SEO audits comfortably from the same panel.

Miriam Larrosa

CEO Roicos Amazon Agency

With Epinium we are able to save a lot of time editing our clients' listings thanks to its massive editor.

Blanca Bosque

Amazon Ads manager en Wanatop

What I liked the most is the simplicity of the platform, it is very easy to find each of the areas and see the information in a clear way. It allows you to see at a glance what actions you have to take to improve the account, both in terms of inventory and payment campaigns. The attention from Epinium is perfect, they are always helping you in a personalized way, looking at your case..."

Jordi Pérez

Head Amazon Ads en Arimetrics

As an agency managing multiple Amazon accounts, the amount of data and tasks we have to do on a daily basis is overwhelming. With Epinium we can see at a glance the problems of the accounts, where to improve, perform mass actions or extract data needed to make decisions, both in advertising and in the product catalog.

Your success is our goal

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