Everything you need for your business on Amazon

Improve the positioning, reach and increase sales of your Amazon Seller Account.
Save up to 85% of execution time with Epinium.

Everything you need for your business on Amazon

Tools for Seller: All-in-one software solution

We combine PPC, SEO and FBA tools to manage and grow your Amazon business in one integrated seller software.

Thousands of brands and agencies trust in Epinium

Optimize your Amazon listings with ChatGPT

Optimise your organic positioning on Amazon and boost your Amazon Ads results with our Artificial Intelligence.

Our advanced AI algorithm will generate titles, bullets and descriptions in multiple languages, all optimised with the keywords your customers are searching for in each market.

With our Amazon Seller Tool, you will be able to create and improve your Amazon listings efficiently, leveraging AI with the right patterns and relevant keywords in any language.

Amazon PPC with AI

Automate your campaigns

Epinium creates, launches and optimises your Amazon Ads using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms.

Automate your daily tasks. Set your ACoS target and desired daily budget, Epinium will take care of the rest.

With multiple automatic budget management settings, you’ll maximise ROI based on traffic, spend and performance.

Automatically reduce bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory.

Optimise your Amazon Ads ad campaigns efficiently and get better results with our Amazon Seller Tool.

Global Dashboard for your Amazon business by account, country, brand or ASIN

monitorizacion Amazon

Start your workday with an Amazon Seller Dashboard designed for your success.

Take advantage of it also to spot trends and report to the team of a positive or negative deviation of KPI’s that provide data and graphs of your Amazon Seller account profitability.

This Dashboard features the metrics:

  • Revenue sell out Amazon Seller.
  • Revenue source: Organic vs. Ads (segmented by type of advertising).
  • Best Seller Rank: Evolution of SEO positioning by countries
  • Tacos: Advertising investment versus total revenues.
  • Sessions to your listings
  • Conversion rate: Percentage of users who access your product page and make a conversion.
monitorizacion Amazon

Get an SEO Audit of your Amazon Vendor Account

Get an SEO audit of your entire account using Epinium, the leading Amazon Seller Tool.

Epinium is in charge of scanning all your ASINs and detecting SEO improvements so you can increase your organic visibility and consequently your sales.

We are based on the criteria imposed by Amazon called “Retail Readines”. If you don’t want to improve your listing, it’s because you don’t want to…

Content optimization for Amazon SEO

Position your products faster


Thanks to Epinium, you will save up to 80% of time making individual or massive modifications without having to enter the product file in Amazon Seller Central or upload files. 

Everything from Epinium and sent via API to Seller Central. Optimization of all editable fields: titles, bullets, descriptions, back-end search terms.


Amazon backend keywords

Automatic optimization

Epinium is the only Amazon Seller tool that analyses the performance of your keywords in campaigns every 24 hours.

It checks if you are using the words with the most potential in titles and bullets. Epinium automatically adds the best keywords to your backend, even if you haven’t used them in the listing yet.

Thanks to this feature, you can be sure that your products always have the best organic keywords.

Take advantage of graphs to report to your team or customer

analizar las palabras claves

Data is gold in digital business. Epinium has developed an analytics section so you can visualize as quickly as possible the different Amazon Ads scenarios.

Visualize performance by:

  • Seller and/or Vendor Accounts
  • Date ranges
  • Performance KPI’s
  • By country or accumulated
  • By portfolio
  • Campaign view, ad groups
  • Product segmentations
  • keywords
  • Advertised products
analizar las palabras claves

Learn about Epinium's features to increase Amazon Seller performance.

Amazon SEO Optimization

Improve the SEO positioning of your Account and increase sessions and conversion rate.

Amazon Ads Campaign Automation

Create Automated Campaigns via Artificial Intelligence

Amazon 360º advertising strategy

Appears in all the ad placements that Amazon Ads offers us

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze performance and report back to your team with customized graphs.

Amazon FBA Stock Forecast

Make a stock forecast in just 2 clicks for your entire catalog.

Dynamic Search Terms

Get the best back-end search terms every 24h

We work with small and large brands to make their lives easier.

What do Epinium users think?

Jordi Ordoñez

Amazon Consultant

It is impossible to calculate the hours of work Epinium has saved me in managing customer catalogues on Amazon. I have used it to massively modify catalogues of up to 3,500 SKUs and to be able to edit titles, bullet points... and, in addition, to carry out SEO audits comfortably from the same panel.

Miriam Larrosa

CEO Roicos Amazon Agency

With Epinium we are able to save a lot of time editing our clients' listings thanks to its massive editor.


Blanca Bosque

Amazon Ads manager at Wanatop

What I liked the most is the simplicity of the platform, it is very easy to find each of the areas and see the information in a clear way. It allows you to see at a glance what actions you need to take to improve your account, both in terms of inventory and payment campaigns. The support from Epinium is perfect, they are always helping you in a personalised way, looking at your case...".

Jordi Pérez

Head Amazon Ads at Arimetrics

As an agency managing multiple Amazon accounts, the amount of data and tasks we have to do on a daily basis is overwhelming. With Epinium, we can see at a glance the problems of the accounts, where to improve, perform mass actions or extract data needed to make decisions, both in advertising and in the product catalogue.

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