11 tips to create powerful Product’s Descriptions in Amazon

Descriptions is one of the wildest e-commerce ever is one of the most important part, if not the most one. An attractive and well-done description will multiply your sales within a short period of time.

The main protagonist of an e-commerce is, clearly, the product. At the same time, products do have 2 fundamental pillars which are: visual content (images) and text content (descriptions, bullet points, etc. Both are essential but you should not forget that descriptions are what drives organic traffic to your products making them more searchable. There exist some tips to create powerful descriptions for SEO improvement following at the same time Amazon’s guidelines. Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon Prime Day 2018 grows almost a 20% compared to last edition

  • El Prime Day 2018 meets its multinational objectives despite the effect of important incidents

  • In this recent edition, strikes and website breakdowns had a leading player

Last year, Amazon closed its Prime Day third edition with Echo DOT as the most-sold product. At the end of the event, Amazon registered an increase of a 60% compared with the previous year, what definitely confirmed Prime Day as an essential event for tens of millions of Prime Members. Read more

amazon keyword research

Amazon Keyword Research | Fastest process ever

To get the most of your business in Amazon, you must have all your products positioned with the best keywords. In Epinium we teach you how to do it and we give you the tool to save your time in the hard Amazon keyword research process of pasting your keywords from Excel to your Amazon account one by one.
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Burrito Blanco Success Case

A well-known home-textile brand multiplied its sales a 449% in less than 3,5 months thanks to improving Amazon SEO in Epinium Analytics.

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How to get Reviews on Amazon

How to Get Reviews on Amazon | Complete Overview

These are the most frequently questions about How to get Reviews on Amazon  , in this post we will answer them  one by one!

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5 Ultimate Amazon Hacks

If you want to Rank your products in the first page have a look to this 5 Amazon Hacks, understanding these strategies and techniques you will improve your knowledge about Amazon and online business.  Read more