When we have an online business, we must know the different ways that exist for our consumers to trust us. In this way, users will be more inclined to buy our products before the competition.

Product reviews, other customers’ shopping experience and product feedback can help the user decide to buy one product or another. There is now an Amazon’s Choice Badge from Amazon that can also influence users’ purchasing decision.

What is Amazon’s Choice?

The Amazon’s Choice Badge is a badge that Amazon applies to various products on its platform.

The badge in question is located at the top left of the product feature image on the search results and category pages.

¿Amazon’s Choice VS Best Seller de Amazon FBA?

Although often confused, Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Best Seller are not the same.

  • The Amazon’s Choice badge is awarded to products that best match the target keyword. 
  • The Amazon Best Seller badge is awarded to products that have sold the most in their category over a period of time.

This means that Amazon’s Choice is essentially determined by SEO, while Amazon Best Seller is determined by overall sales. 

How to get the Amazon’s Choice badge ?

In order to earn the Amazon’s Choice badge you must be a good seller on the Amazon platform. Here are some ways to improve your chances of earning the badge for products:

Average customer ratings

Product ratings on Amazon have always been a key factor in the sale of its products. So the higher the consumer rating, the more likely an item will be marked with Amazon’s choice label. In fact the platform gives great weight to an average rating of at least 4 stars.

2.Low return rates

Undoubtedly a product that is returned too many times is not very good. If products show a lower return rate than similar products they will have a better chance of earning the Amazon badge. The fewer returns, the better.

3 .Eligible for Amazon Prime (immediate delivery)

Many of the consumers on Amazon have the Prime program for free and fast delivery, and that’s what they look for when they want to find an item at the retail giant. In addition, those who don’t have this benefit program also expect faster and safer delivery.

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