What are the Bullet Points in Amazon?

Amazon’s Bullet Points are short phrases that collect the main features of a product and are displayed on the product detail page, just below the product name and price, and therefore in a very relevant position.

How to create bullet points on Amazon

We will follow the law of 15 seconds, which consists of capturing the user’s attention in this time frame, looking first at the title, then at the image and the price of the product. And finally looking at the Bullet Points, considering if the features fit what he was looking for.

The customer should be able to understand what the product is, or what it does, based on your relevant keywords related to the product’s use, benefits and type of material. But beware! Any information that is not directly relevant to that particular product may cause the customer to refuse to buy it.

Relevant keywords: According to your keyword research counting on Amazon’s algorithm and after you have already made your title perfect, try to fit the keywords into Amazon’s Bullet Points in a natural and easy to read way, to maximize the comfort and attraction of users while looking at your product detail page.

Benefits : You should try to solve your customers’ problems by saying what benefits these features offer, answering Why are they important?

Dimensions and type of material: Be sure to put all the information about the dimensions and contents of the package. It is good to write also the benefits of the type of material, but always directly relevant information.

Bullet Points Features

All of the above points have one thing in common: More sales, just because:

  • You get the customer’s attention, the more likely you are to sell that product.
  • Aumentas tu Click-Through Rate, más personas comprarán tu producto cuando lo vean
  • You increase your Click-Through Rate, more people will buy your product when they see it.
  • You produce brand recognition, you will get consumers to correctly differentiate the brand when they come into contact with it and thus distinguish it from the competition.
  • As in every post, Epinium gives you guidelines to help you optimize your product, in this case focusing on your perfect Bullet Points for Amazon.

✓ Recommendations

x Avoid

✓ Enter descriptive and relevant information.
✓ Write naturally and do not use automatic translators.
✓ It includes a minimum of 3 and a maximum of up to 11 Bullet Points, in specific cases. The optimal number of Bullet Points is 5, as it has been proven to be the number that best attracts the attention of customers.

✓ Enter a maximum of 1000 characters or 25 words per bullet point
✓ Describes the most important features of the product
✓ Include product dimensions where relevant
✓ Begin each bullet point with a capital letter – Write the numbers as digits (“2” instead of “two”)
✓ Use abbreviations for units of measurement, such as “cm”.
✓ Check the grammar and spelling of the text.
✓ Write in the third person
✓ Write in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.
✓ Include interesting information that cannot be included in attributes

It includes emojis, without making excessive use of them.
Focus on the product, not on the brand or the manufacturer

✓ Use a point structure, starting with a summary of the main features and then describing how these features work.

x You feel compelled to write 5 Bullet Points. Because 3 good ones are better than 5 bad ones.

x Repeat keywords from the title
x Use punctuation marks at the end of each Bullet Point (such as periods or exclamations).
x Include only information that is already in the product’s technical specifications.
x Include subjective ratings or temporary information (such as “high quality” or “state of the art”).
x Include specific details such as price, promotions or shipping information
x Use HTML or special characters that are not on a standard keyboard (such as ®, ©, ™).
x Writing extremely short Bullet Points
x Write in first person
x Write in a businesslike tone
x Set a simple list of keywords

x Use HTML code
x Add duplicate information
x Include temporal expressions, such as “now”, “new”, “last”, etc.
x Include information on awards, copyrights, competitor citations, environmental claims or citations
x Include less than 3 or more than 7 Bullet Points. Less than 3 would not show enough information and more than 7 would be too dense for the user.

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