Amazon Backend Keyword Optimizer with AI

Amazon has expanded the character limit for backend keywords from 250 to 500, giving more importance to this field in your Amazon SEO strategy.

Amazon Backend Keyword Optimizer with AI

Brands and Agencies are getting great results on Amazon Ads with Epinium automation

Amazon has doubled the characters up to 500 in the Backend keywords. With this update, the A9 Algorithm gives greater importance to the Backend in your
Amazon SEO strategy.

backend keyword

Don't worry about researching

the best KW for the Backend

Avoid downloading:

  • Advertising Search Term Report
  • Brand Analytics Top Search Term
  • Search Query Performance Report.

Artificial Intelligence will analyze and select the best keywords to increase your visibility in as many semantically related keywords as possible and to achieve better positioning for them.

KW Selection

based on their performance

Artificial Intelligence will perform keyword analysis based on:

  • Impressions volume
  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate

With this analysis, it will start prioritizing keywords to fill up the 500 characters.

Amazon backend keywords
Amazon backend keywords

It will comply with all policies

of Amazon for the Backend

  • It does not exceed the 500-byte limit.
  • It does not include brands or ASINs.
  • It will not use common articles or prepositions.
  • It will use singular or plural, not both.
  • It will avoid temporal statements like “new” or “on sale now”.
  • It will also avoid subjective claims like “best” or “cheapest”…
  • It will not add abusive or offensive terms that contravene Amazon’s policies.
  • It will avoid misleading or irrelevant keywords.

Optimize in Bulk

all Backend Keywords

We offer you the possibility to optimize the Backend Keywords for your entire catalog in just 1 click.

Filter by the criteria you want to follow to optimize the Backend Keywords:

  • Country
  • Sessions
  • Number of Characters in the Backend
  • Products with low conversion rate
  • ASIN under your own criteria
Amazon backend keywords

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