Amazon Best Seller Rank

Amazon is a platform that continuously offers several very interesting metrics, such as Best Seller Rank. They are continuously looking for ways to reward users who are successful on Amazon.

What is Amazon Best Seller Rank?

It’s a metric that shows you how well your product is selling relative to other competing products in the same category. Amazon’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) allows you to see how many products are selling better than yours. With this information you can make better product decisions and improve your business profits.

How can I improve my Amazon Best Seller Rank?

In this case, you need to sell more products and outsell your competitors. Here are some tips on how to achieve these results.

Optimize the listing

If you want to improve the searchability of your product, as well as the conversion rate, you should focus on working on the optimization of the listing status. Use relevant keywords and compelling copy.

Competitive pricing

Working with a pricing strategy will help you sell more products on Amazon and increase your BSR. Add a fair price on your products within the category where it is located. Also, you should make sure you have a competitive price compared to the competition.

Improve images

Since a customer cannot see or touch your product in person, images of your product are the key that will help you sell them. Make sure the images are high quality and can help point out important features and benefits. Better images = higher conversions = higher BSR.

Apart from these sections, we must use an SEO Audit to get your products seen on Amazon’s website and maximize your business sales.

Having a good product catalog will determine the success of your items on Amazon.

What are the factors involved?

There are different factors that contribute to getting on Amazon Best Seller Rank, such as:

  • Current and past sales
  • Price changes
  • Promotions
  • Competitive products

The major contributing factor in BSR is current sales trends as well as sales volume history.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank vs Organic ranking

Many sellers new to Amazon confuse the difference between Amazon’s top sellers ranking (BSR) and organic ranking.

The key difference between these two metrics is that BSR ranks the product based on sales, while organic ranking ranks the product based on a specific keyword search.

In fact, the products in the SERP are organized by what Amazon sees as the most relevant products for that keyword search.

However, just because a product ranks favorably in Amazon’s SERP does not necessarily mean that it will also have a good BSR.

Improve BSR with Epinium

Epinium is a specialized Amazon software that gives you different features. Among them, we find the Best Seller Rank by country so you can know how your brand is performing internationally.

In addition, in the platform overview, we find a section of Recommended Tasks. This is an audit of your entire catalog with a list of tasks. It shows you different improvements and recommendations to be retail ready and improve your Best Seller Rank.

From Epinium we show you, in a more detailed way, the Best Seller Rank of the product in question. This section informs you how this product is competing within the subcategories.

Optimize your Amazon account with Epinium to increase your organic sales!

In conclusion, we hope this article has been useful, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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