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If you’re an Amazon seller or considering joining this e-commerce platform, it’s essential to understand the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank” (BSR). This number can make a significant difference in the success or stagnation of your sales on Amazon. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on how BSR impacts your business and how you can improve your position on Amazon.

What is Amazon Best Seller Rank?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank, or BSR, is a critical indicator for Amazon sellers. This number reflects your product’s popularity compared to others in the same category. Here are some key aspects you should know:

  1. Competitive Comparison: BSR allows you to compare your product’s popularity with others in the same category. The lower the BSR, the more successful your product is in relation to the competition.

  2. Sales History: BSR is calculated based on sales over time, with recent sales having a more significant impact than past sales.

  3. Increased Visibility: Products with a low BSR tend to appear higher in Amazon search results, leading to greater visibility and more sales opportunities.

What Is an Average BSR?

There is no universal average BSR, as it varies depending on the category and competition on Amazon. A low BSR in a highly competitive category could be much higher than a high BSR in a less competitive category. It’s crucial to compare products within the same category for an accurate reference.

How to Improve Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Now that you understand the importance of BSR, here are specific tips for Amazon sellers on how to improve your position:

  1. Category Selection: Carefully choose the most suitable category for your product. Research available options and select the one that best fits your products.

  2. Listing Optimization: Optimize your product listings with compelling titles, images, and descriptions. Use relevant keywords to increase visibility in searches.

  3. Competitive Pricing: Research competitive prices and adjust yours competitively.

  4. Advertising and Marketing Strategies: Use online marketing strategies like pay-per-click advertising to boost your sales and enhance your BSR.

  5. Customer Care: Provide excellent customer service to generate positive reviews and foster customer loyalty.

How Often Is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Updated?

The BSR is constantly updated on Amazon to reflect recent sales. This means that changes in sales are reflected in real-time in your BSR position.

How to Use the Amazon Best Sellers Rank to Estimate Sales

You can use BSR as a relative estimate of sales. The lower the BSR, the higher a product’s position in terms of sales. However, keep in mind that BSR does not provide exact sales numbers.

Factors Affecting the Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Several factors contribute to BSR, including:

  • Current and past sales
  • Price changes
  • Promotions
  • Competitive products

The current sales trend and sales volume history are the most critical factors in BSR.

Become an Amazon #1 Best Seller

Becoming a #1 best seller on Amazon is an achievement that many sellers aspire to reach. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Offer Relevant Products: Ensure your products are relevant and of high quality for your target audience.

  2. Build Recognition: Use public relations strategies to increase your visibility as an Amazon seller.

  3. Amazon Ads Campaigns: Invest in advertising campaigns to effectively promote your products.

  4. Participate in Best Seller Campaigns: Join specific campaigns designed to achieve best-seller status.

  5. Evaluate the Results: Monitor your BSR and analyze your performance to adjust your strategy as needed.

What are the factors involved?

There are different factors that contribute to getting on Amazon Best Seller Rank, such as:

  • Current and past sales
  • Price changes
  • Promotions
  • Competitive products

The major contributing factor in BSR is current sales trends as well as sales volume history.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank vs Organic ranking

Many sellers new to Amazon confuse the difference between Amazon’s top sellers ranking (BSR) and organic ranking.

The key difference between these two metrics is that BSR ranks the product based on sales, while organic ranking ranks the product based on a specific keyword search.

In fact, the products in the SERP are organized by what Amazon sees as the most relevant products for that keyword search.

However, just because a product ranks favorably in Amazon’s SERP does not necessarily mean that it will also have a good BSR.

Improve BSR with Epinium

Epinium is a specialized Amazon software that gives you different features. Among them, we find the Best Seller Rank by country so you can know how your brand is performing internationally.

In addition, in the platform overview, we find a section of Recommended Tasks. This is an audit of your entire catalog with a list of tasks. It shows you different improvements and recommendations to be retail ready and improve your Best Seller Rank.

From Epinium we show you, in a more detailed way, the Best Seller Rank of the product in question. This section informs you how this product is competing within the subcategories.

Optimize your Amazon account with Epinium to increase your organic sales!

In conclusion, we hope this article has been useful, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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