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Are you a salesperson thinking about how to increase your sales? Attract new customers? Or start selling online? Have you already heard about the Amazon Store? Well, this will interest you!

Amazon is currently the largest and most widely used online commerce platform in the world. Smaller stores that want to increase sales, but do not have the resources to expand their store physically, are also selling on Amazon. The advantages of selling on Amazon are many, if you consider that Amazon is a company open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that the products uploaded from the platform can potentially be purchased by consumers from all countries, you already realize that there are opportunities to grow.

Logically, opportunities have to be seized through a well-structured strategy. There is a lot of competition on Amazon, but if you play your cards right by following our tips you can get your e-commerce business off to a good start.

Amazon Store: your business card

The first thing to do if you are a brand owner is to create your e-store on Amazon’s platform, the Amazon Store. Here you can create a customized brand space, with different design templates, a 20-second video and other customizable features that will more accurately illustrate your brand story and value proposition. It is a very intuitive interface.

The Amazon Store has to be a space that facilitates the consumer during the shopping process. You can add social features such as sharing buttons, or you can even incorporate sponsored branding to promote brand awareness and drive high quality traffic to your listings. 

In addition, the Store dashboard allows brand owners to monitor daily visits, page views, page views, page views per visitor, sales and sales units attached to the store.

What you can do from the Amazon Store

Now, we look in detail at the importance of each Amazon Store element that are very important for your Amazon store. These are the elements that set you apart from competitors and create an unforgettable experience for consumers.


First there are the images for sale, i.e. images that present the product in different scenarios of everyday life, reflecting the lifestyle of potential customers. You can add an image of your product in collections with other complementary products from your catalog. When customers click on the products they can see basic information such as product name, price, customer reviews and availability and can decide whether to add the products to their cart or continue navigating to the product detail page for more information.

Other images are images with text. This way buyers have the opportunity to better understand what are the benefits of your products, features and usage, it will allow you to highlight the difference between your products and those of your competitors. In addition, this type of text helps to optimize the SEO of your Amazon store, improving your ranking on the platform. That is why it is important that you remember to include your keywords in the text.

Products displayed in the Amazon Store

By updating your product listing, you can upload products in bulk both in the grids and in the featured offers boxes. If any of the products are out of stock, you can choose to hide them automatically. This way you can update your catalog quickly and semi-automatically.

Your brand logo

This element is very important. First of all it is your distinctive sign, secondly consumers who are browsing Amazon, can click on your logo and be directed directly to your Amazon Store.

Background video

If you want you can add a 2 to 20 second video that will play automatically. It will loop when your Amazon Store page loads for the customer to see.

This concludes the lesson on the Amazon Store, if you have questions or want to deepen in some aspects ask us with a comment. To not miss other content from Epinium University, subscribe to the Newsletter.

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