1. Why use product videos on Amazon?

Amazon’s goal is to create a seamless shopping experience, and it provides us third-party sellers with a number of tools to help us enhance that experience for customers. Through product videos on Amazon, customers can actually see how a product works, how it can meet their needs and help them decide whether or not to buy it.

Product videos on Amazon bring many advantages to advertisements:

  • It brings the product to life, and the customer can better imagine its use.
  • It provides better angles and perspectives of our product.
  • It allows you to show the uses, features and benefits of the product instantly.
  • Gives you an advantage over competitors who do not have product videos.
  • We can keep the customer interested while in our ad, create a connection with the product and help increase the conversion rate.
  • Since videos can give the customer clear expectations about the product, we can avoid negative reviews.

Product videos offer the customer additional insight and visualization of our product that text and static images alone cannot achieve.

Where does the video for products appear on Amazon ?

When we upload a video to the product listing, it will appear below the main product images section. Customers can easily find and view the video without having to scroll through the listing.

Clicking on the video thumbnail will open a larger window through which customers can view the video.

2. Can any seller add a video for products on Amazon?

For a long time, Amazon only allowed sellers registered with the Trademark Registry to upload a video to an ad. In September 2020, sellers not registered with the Trademark Registry reported receiving an email from Amazon stating that they could now upload videos to their listings.

This is great news for sellers who are not yet registered in the Trademark Registry but want to upload a product video. We should note that this feature may not yet be available for our seller account.

3. Types of product videos on Amazon

There are several types of video that we can create for our product. The type of video we should use in our ad depends on the type of product we are selling. For example, if we are selling a clothing or jewelry product, a product highlights or lifestyle video would be the best showcase for the product.

Video of the most important product features

This type of video highlights the essential features, uses and benefits of our product. We use a product highlight video to tell potential customers exactly what the product offers. In making this video, we focus on the key attributes of the product and keep it short, simple and to the point.

Lifestyle video

A lifestyle video shows the product in use for the target audience. In this way, our potential customers get an idea of how they can enjoy the product and have the opportunity to imagine using it. When making this type of video, it is essential to know the target audience and what they are looking for. We try to create a connection between them and our product and help them imagine how we can improve their lives.

Explanatory video

This type of video can give customers the satisfaction of knowing what the order will look like when it arrives and allows them to virtually unbox the product. If done well, an explainer video can help customers make the purchase.

Comparative video

This type of video shows our product in comparison to a competitor’s item. It is a bold but effective move, especially if there are good reasons why the product is better than the competitor’s product. We should keep in mind that we cannot mention competitors by name. In this place, we can use discreet language. This type of video works best if our product can solve a specific problem that the competitors’ cannot.

Best practices for creating product videos on Amazon

When it comes to producing videos for our Amazon products, we have two options: we can either make the video ourselves or hire a professional videographer. If we don’t feel comfortable shooting a video on our own, it is suggested to work with a freelancer or a video production company that has experience producing videos for Amazon products.

But with all the new smartphones equipped with HD or 4K cameras, we can create high quality videos that are suitable for our Amazon listing. If we want to make our own video, we watch our competitors to understand what they are doing.

How can our video be better? We take note of what our competitors’ videos are missing and make sure to add it to our own.

Let’s review the do’s and don’ts of video production.

We do:

  • If we use the phone to record the video, we should buy an affordable phone stand to make sure the shots are smooth and stable.
  • We use a video editing program to stitch all the clips together. We don’t need any sophisticated equipment or software to produce a quality video.
  • We focus on the main features and advantages, so that the client gets the most out of the video. Customers prefer to watch product videos to see the products in action and learn more about them without having to read a lot of text.
  • We use good lighting throughout the video. We make sure the product is well lit, with no dark corners or reflections. If we don’t have professional lighting, natural light works just as well.
  • We use on-screen text to point out important product features or benefits. This is especially useful if someone is watching the video with the sound off.
  • We use royalty-free music in the background of the video to set the mood and give it a professional finish.

We do not:

  • We do not include any promotional information (such as “special sale” or “limited time”), discount codes, or time-sensitive language within the video. Amazon prohibits the use of promotional information and will not approve our video if we include this content in the ad.
  • We do not make defamatory statements about competitors. As mentioned above, we may not discuss other brands in our videos.
  • We do not make health claims that violate Amazon’s terms of service. Anything we can’t include in the ad text, we can’t include in the video.
  • We do not attempt to direct viewers away from Amazon, such as by adding a URL to our own website. Amazon will not approve the video if we do so.

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