If you are new to the platform and don’t know what the Amazon Buy Box is, don’t worry because we are going to explain it to you in this lesson.

Simply put, Amazon’s Buy Box is the goose that lays the golden egg. In fact more than 78% of Amazon’s total sales are made within the Buy Box, and that’s why it represents immense value to any competitive seller in Amazon’s marketplace.

How can you verify your eligibility for the Amazon Buy Box?

To find out if you are eligible, just go to your Vendor Central account and select inventory management. Then, go to the Preferences tab and look for the “Buy Box Eligible” field. You will need to select “Show when available” and see the “Buy Box Eligible” column for a particular product.

To keep in mind is that the Buy Box is shared with other sellers and your share of the Buy Box is given by several considerations, such as fulfillment method, price and delivery time.

How can you win the Amazon Buy box?

Amazon uses a complex and secret algorithm to determine which seller offers the best price and customer service, and then awards the Buy Box. This algorithm is based on a set of performance standards that sellers have to meet. The best way to be chosen as a Buy Box winner is to be aware of these standards and work to improve the aspects that have the most influence. The secret is to work on the variables that you can control once you know what Amazon expects.

Final price

Speaking of the final price and not the price you assign to the item, having the lowest price will not guarantee you the Buy Box if other aspects do not work well. To that end, it is important to research your competition before and during your publication to choose the best prices.

Customer comments and ratings

Sellers should get the best possible ratings and try to minimize negative feedback. Some of the most important aspects for Amazon are the number of ratings you have and the number of ratings you have.

Delivery time

It stands to reason that the faster you ship orders, the better your chances of winning the Buy Box. But we have to say that the speed depends also on the type of product; larger items are expected to take longer, while perishables have to be delivered quickly, but don’t relax and keep optimizing your delivery time for larger items.

Customer response time

Amazon expects sellers to respond to customer inquiries in less than 24 hours, and orders that have messages responded to within that time period receive 50% fewer negative comments.

Here ends our lesson on “What is the Amazon Buy box”. If you have doubts or want to deepen in some aspects ask us with a comment. To not miss other content from Epinium University, subscribe to the Newsletter.

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