Advocacy campaigns, with brand keywords on Amazon

Bidding on brand keywords with Amazon Sponsored Ads is a great way to create a unique brand experience and connect with our ideal customers. 1. EXPANDING BRAND PRESENCE A great opportunity of bidding on our own brand is that it allows us to expand our brand presence. This includes cross-selling

How to find niche markets on Amazon?

To find niche markets on Amazon we must answer the following questions: What are niche markets? Niche products are items that are included in product categories, targeted at smaller, specific groups of customers with specific needs. We can find niche markets on Amazon when we narrow down a broad product

How to use Sponsored Products on Amazon?

1. What are sponsored products on Amazon? These are keyword and ASIN targeted ads similar to Google Adwords. They allow us to promote individual products within Amazon search results and on product detail pages. Sponsored Products are the most popular ads on Amazon. Getting Started with Sponsored Products on Amazon

How to use Sponsored Display on Amazon?

1. ¿Qué son las pantallas patrocinadas en Amazon? Amazon Sponsored Display ads allow us to target shoppers both on and off Amazon based on the specific detail pages the customer has viewed. By showing ads to a small audience that has shown interest in our product (remarketing), Sponsored Display ads

Amazon Vendor Central FAQS Part 3/3

In this third part we continue to answer frequently asked questions from Amazon Vendor Central. What is the support like at Vendor Central? Amazon seller support is similar to Amazon seller support. It can be frustrating and sometimes it takes a lot of questions to get the answer we are

Amazon Vendor Central FAQs Part 2/3

In this second part we continue to answer frequently asked questions from Amazon Vendor Central. How can we set prices in Vendor Central? How to set the price is one of the most frequently asked questions on Amazon Vendor. Vendors set the selling price when they create the product listing.

Amazon Vendor Central FAQS Part 1/3

What is Amazon Vendor Central? One of the frequently asked questions about Amazon Vendor Central , is about what it consists of. This is a platform only for companies that want to sell their products to Amazon. When we sell to Amazon, we are the supplier. The main process is

Increasing sales on Amazon, PPC Tips

Promoting our product is crucial to increase sales on Amazon. But the effectiveness of promotion depends largely on the medium through which the process is carried out. In the case of Amazon, PPC advertising is the best method of getting the product to our target customers. However, the concept of

How to manage returns on Amazon?

Refunds on Amazon The difference between an Amazon refund and other procedures is the entity that controls the outcome of the claim. With most Amazon protocols, the buyer will contact Amazon directly through Amazon Pay. However, with a return on Amazon, it is the bank that establishes the outcome of

How to use Sponsored Brands Ads on Amazon?

1. What are sponsored brand ads on Amazon? Sponsored Brands Ads on Amazon, formerly known as Amazon header search ads, are banner ads that display our brand logo, custom tagline and various products, usually at the top of Amazon search results. Once clicked, sponsored brand ads will send customers to

Why use Mass Editions for advertising on Amazon?

1. What are Mass Editions for advertising on Amazon? Mass Editions for Amazon advertising is an Epinium feature that provides access to various performance metrics and reports. Bulk edits allow us to create, manage and optimize campaigns all at once. We can perform any of the following editions: Create multiple

How to optimize videos for products on Amazon?

1. Why use product videos on Amazon? Amazon’s goal is to create a seamless shopping experience, and it provides us third-party sellers with a number of tools to help us enhance that experience for customers. Through product videos on Amazon, customers can actually see how a product works, how it

How to use search terms on Amazon?

1. What are the search terms on Amazon? Amazon search terms are strings of keywords a shopper types into Amazon search to find a product. Search terms are known as backend keywords because they are hidden in the backend of the Amazon listing. Amazon will connect the customer’s search terms

Optimize images for products on Amazon

How can we optimize images on Amazon? One of the most relevant elements to boost online sales is to optimize images on Amazon, since it is the first point that catches our attention at first, both in Amazon results and within the product data sheet. Then we would continue to

Keyword Research en Amazon
How to do Keyword Research on Amazon?

What is Keyword Research on Amazon? Keyword research on Amazon is an important part of your Amazon FBA product success in 2022, although this part may seem a little nerve-wracking to do. How can we get started? What keywords should we use? Amazon A9 search engine Amazon is only a

Bullet Points Effective on Amazon

What are the Bullet Points in Amazon? Amazon’s Bullet Points are short phrases that collect the main features of a product and are displayed on the product detail page, just below the product name and price, and therefore in a very relevant position. How to create bullet points on Amazon

Amazon ASIN | What is it and what do you need it for?

Si queréis empezar a vender en Amazon no podéis no conocer a el ASIN. El código ASIN de Amazon Amazon Standard Identification Number, es una combinación de letras y números que sirve como identificador único para cada producto vendido a través de la plataforma.

How to become Amazon’s choice?

When we have an online business, we must know the different ways that exist for our consumers to trust us. In this way, users will be more inclined to buy our products before the competition. Product reviews, other customers’ shopping experience and product feedback can help the user decide to

How to register your trademark on Amazon?

For sellers on Amazon, protecting products with trademarks is critical to the success of your business. If you are going to sell on Amazon you must know and be able to guarantee the intellectual property of your brand or work. Do you know how to register your brand on Amazon?

What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program that allows you to sell high-quality certified refurbished products to millions of customers on Amazon, both domestic and international. In order to be part of this program, you must follow a series of requirements. What are certified refurbished products on Amazon Renewed? These are all