Monitoring Amazon Seller and Vendor account

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Monitoring Amazon Seller and Vendor account

Monitoring in the Amazon strategy is essential to follow up, measure and control all the activity carried out.

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Detects unpublished changes on Amazon

Many times we make changes to the catalog and there is no way to know if the changes have been published correctly on your product detail page or not. 

Amazon has a 72h period until it can accept a change and publish it. So we have developed a section to monitor if the uploaded changes have been accepted by Amazon or not. 

We even provide you with the ASIN list and direct access to open an incident so that Amazon can give you solutions to the problem. 

Monitor Amazon KPI's by Account, Country, Brand or ASIN

monitorizacion Amazon

Comienza tu jornada laboral con un panel de control de Amazon diseñado para tu éxito.

Start your workday with an Amazon dashboard designed for your success.

Take advantage of it also to spot trends and report to the team of a positive or negative deviation of KPI’s that provide data and graphs of your Amazon account profitability.

This Dashboard features the metrics:

  • Revenues broken down into FBA/FBM or Seller/Vendor.
  • Revenue source: Organic vs. Ads (segmented by type of advertising).
  • Best Seller Rank: Evolution of SEO positioning by countries
  • TACoS
  • Sessions 
  • Conversion rate
monitorizacion Amazon

Check the TACoS of your Amazon account

The TACoS is Amazon’s metric that refers to the advertising cost against the total revenue of the account, either by advertising or organically.

It is worth noting that Amazon Advertising, apart from generating direct revenue, is a lever to organically position your products in the search result.

Therefore, TACoS is a very important metric to monitor the health of your account.

Detect an increase or decrease in the number of sessions of your products

Sessions count the number of users who land on your product detail pages. Without sessions there are no orders.

View the number of sessions by Account, Country, Brand or ASIN.

Information extracted from Brand Analytics that can corroborate the good work and actions taken or even give a wake-up call or argue a drop in sales. 

It can be for multiple reasons: Increase of competitors, decrease in the volume of searches for our products, products not available…

Stop it in time and use all your efforts to recover the sessions.

Conversion rate of your detail pages

Monitor the conversion rate of your account globally or by markets, by brand or by ASIN. 

Once we get users to land on our detail page it’s time to engage them with all the information they need to place an order.

Depending on the category conversion rates can vary between 3-10%.

  • Do we have a 100% optimized and quality catalog?
  • Are we providing the information users are looking for?

Detect any drop in conversion rate. We cannot waste the traffic that Amazon offers us. 

Detects products that have lost the BuyBox

comparativa buybox amazon

Access the comparison between your ASIN and the Buy Box winner and find out why you should get it back:

  • Logistics type
  • If it’s Prime
  • Product Condition
  • Country of origin
  • Price
  • Shipping cost
  • Availability
  • Discount Seller’s rating
  • Number of reviews

Interpreta la información y aplica los cambios para volver a hacerte con la Buy Box. Aspecto fundamental para vendedores de Amazon que supone más del 80% de las ventas.

comparativa buybox amazon
Dashboard asin Amazon

Performance query by ASIN

Dashboard asin Amazon

Enter the product detail.

Check the evolution in sales and the Best Seller Rank of a product. You will be able to see how the product is positioned in the subcategories taking into account the competition.

Download monitoring in graphical or CSV format

Extract all the monitoring in a CSV document or graphic to be able to transfer the reporting and share the evolution with your team or end customer.

Select the information you want to show and download it in just 1 click.

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