Amazon Advertising Analytics

While Amazon Ads only provides you with the last 2 months of data... Epinium stores all the historical data for you to make strategies based on results.

Amazon Advertising Analytics

Forget about downloading reports from Amazon Ads to interpret the results. In Epinium you will be able to monitor and report to your team with multiple graphs and customized dashboards.


Brands and Agencies are getting great results
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monitorizacion Amazon

Don't waste time downloading reports on Amazon Ads

monitorizacion Amazon

Analyzing results based on objectives, budgets, metrics and performance has become a recurring task within organizations such as Big Brands, Consultants and Amazon Agencies.

In Epinium’s Analytics section you will be able to view campaign information for all the seller accounts and countries you select. This information will be reflected in tables and graphs and will allow you to sort and filter the information for easy analysis.

Use the filters to display the information you want to see

filtros Amazon Ads

First, we select the filters we want to apply, for example, date range, the sellers to display and the markets.
You will also have the possibility to apply optional filters or define how you want to group your information.
The definitions are applied when creating campaigns from Epinium, but you will be able to assign these roles to campaigns already created from Amazon if you wish from the campaigns table.

filtros Amazon Ads
KPIs Amazon

Filter by the Amazon Ads KPI's you want to consult

KPIs Amazon

In this section you will have a graph in which you will be able to visualize the different Amazon campaign metrics, such as:

  • Cost
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Orders
  • Units
  • ACOS
  • ROAS
  • CPC
  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate

A maximum of two simultaneous metrics can be selected. You will be able to download an image of the graph.

Visualizes performance by Target, Match and Location


Under the campaign table you will be able to see three graphs based on 3 variables in which costs, sales and ACoS are represented so that you can detect which optimization urges and which matches and placements work best and based on this take bidding action or modify matches.

  • Objective
    • Discovery
    • Generic
    • Brand
    • Competency
  • Concordance
    • Broad
    • Phrase
    • Exact
  • Location
    • Top search results
    • Rest
    • Product Pages

Scorecard by ASIN Segmentations, KW and Advertised Products

Epinium offers you 3 important sections to track all KPI’s. Detect the keywords, product segmentations that have the best performance and watch out for those with the worst metrics.
Visualize the products advertised with the most orders quickly. View performance by:

  • Keywords
  • Product segmentation
  • Sponsored Products

Uses graphics to inform your team or customer

analizar las palabras claves

Epinium has developed an analytics section so that you can visualize as quickly as possible the different Amazon Ads scenarios.

Visualize performance by:

  • Seller and/or Vendor Accounts
  • Date range
  • Performance KPI’s
  • By country or accumulated
  • By portfolio
  • Campaign view, ad groups
  • Product segmentation
  • Keywords
  • advertised products
analizar las palabras claves

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