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If you are looking for a way to expand your business but don’t have enough resources to invest in your activity, Amazon can be an opportunity. Learning how to sell on Amazon is not that difficult and you don’t even need much to invest. The only thing you need to know is that there are two types of sellers, the Amazon Seller and the Amazon Vendor. After clarifying the differences between the two, today we will focus on the figure of the Amazon Seller and the Amazon Seller Central platform.

Amazon Seller vs Amazon Vendor

So, how to sell on Amazon? First of all, you can become an Amazon Seller by selling directly to the end customer. In this case Amazon will provide you with a space on its ecommerce platform to display your product catalog and sell. A second option is to become an Amazon Vendor, that is, Amazon invites you to be one of its product suppliers. Therefore you cannot choose whether to become an Amazon Vendor because you have to receive the prior invitation from Amazon.

How to sell on Amazon from Amazon Seller Central

Once you have become an Amazon Seller, here are the steps you need to follow to succeed and start selling:

  1. Very important is to upload the catalog of products you want to sell on Amazon. You add images, descriptions, titles, product variations such as colors, sizes or weights, taking care of your SEO positioning. You also set the delivery times in each country and the shipping costs.
  2. Then you have to set prices and promotions for your products. One way to set prices is to look at the competition and try to adjust costs.
  3. Try to win the Buy Box through competitive pricing and a higher performance ratio than your competitors. The Buy Box gives you the chance to increase your sales tenfold. By confirming orders within 48 hours and responding to customers in less than 24 hours you can earn a higher performance ratio.
  4. When you receive an order from a customer, reserve the units in your warehouse, never break your stock and try to work with high stock, if you cancel any order due to lack of stock, your Performance will plummet.
  5. One of the most tedious and difficult processes is to earn positive reviews that allow you to climb Performance.
  6. Take advantage of Amazon’s advertising to increase your conversions in the marketplace.

As you can see, how to sell on Amazon is not impossible. It also allows you to start or expand your online business by increasing your customer network. It is obvious that, for your business to work, you have to take care of some things like your FBA and FBM logistics, the provenance, quality and performance of your products before uploading them to the listing, you have to be honest with your customers so that they trust you.

Here ends our lesson on “How to sell on Amazon through Amazon Seller Central”. If you have questions or want to deepen in some aspects ask us with a comment. To not miss other content from Epinium University, subscribe to the Newsletter.

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