Optimize your Amazon listings with Artificial Intelligence

Automatically get high-converting Amazon listings in any language with SEO local in seconds using Artificial Intelligence. Improve CRO by optimizing all SEO fields in 1 click

Optimize your Amazon listings with Artificial Intelligence

Brands and Agencies are getting great results
on Amazon Ads
with Epinium automation

Connected to multiple Amazon data sources for AI to create the most engaging content to improve CRO and index the most relevant keywords for your product.

Quickly create and improve your Amazon listings using AI to make sure your listings follow the right patterns and contain the relevant keywords for your products. As a result, you will achieve higher visibility and conversion.

Massive SEO Optimization with AI

Optimization for all markets in one click!

Select multiple products and choose which fields you want to optimize. Review and accept the proposed changes and upload your updates to Amazon in seconds.

Individual SEO Optimization

Boost your Amazon sales with Artificial Intelligence and Epinium!

Can you imagine having a virtual assistant that optimizes your product listings in multiple languages with the most relevant keywords per market at the moment?

It has +30 sources of product data, with the most relevant KW, Multi-language, in just one click and Optimization in seconds.

Automatically reduce bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory.

Optimize your Amazon Ads ad campaigns efficiently and get better results with our Amazon Vendor Software solution.

We know more about the products than even our own customers. We have more than 30 data sources !

ChatGPT y Epinium
No es lo mismo traducir que optimizar

The best Copywriter for all languages

Get perfect copywriting automatically in a matter of seconds and for any language. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm will generate titles, bullets and descriptions in any language optimized with the keywords your customers are looking for in each market.

Because translating is not the same as optimizing!

How does it work?

It’s as easy as completing 3 simple steps!

Editing Details

Open the field editor (title, bullet or description) of your choice for either Seller Central or Vendor Central.

Automated Creation

Click on Generate with A.I. and in a few seconds the generated field will appear.

Real Time Update

Upload your changes to Amazon from Epinium as you always have done

Constantly optimize your listings with AI

Optimiza tus listings con IA

Because your best keywords will not be the same at launch than after a year on the market

Optimiza tus listings con IA

We use more than 10 data sources to find the most relevant and effective keywords for your products. Listing optimization is something you should do on a regular basis.

Increase your chances of conversion with our listing optimizer!

Increases visibility

Aumenta la visibilidad

Our tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze and improve your product descriptions, images and keywords to increase the visibility and performance of your products in Amazon search results.

Maximize the performance of your products on Amazon with our AI-based optimization tool!

Aumenta la visibilidad
Mejora las conversiones

Improve conversion rates

Mejora las conversiones

Constant optimization of your listings will increase the trust and attractiveness of your products to potential buyers, which in turn will improve conversion rates and sales growth.

Turn your products into best-sellers with our AI optimization!

Amazon experts certify our method!

What do Epinium users think?​

We work with small and large brands to make their lives easier.

Your Success is our Goal!

Maximaze your Sales on Amazon with Epinium

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon product listing optimization is the process of identifying relevant keywords for your product (those that people are also searching for) and structuring your product listing in a way that enables it to rank well on Amazon’s search engine for those keywords.

Listing optimization refers to the practice of incorporating chosen keywords into various elements of a product listing, such as the title, bullet points, description, and more. This practice aims to enhance the listing’s chances of ranking well for those keywords within Amazon’s search engine.

Optimizing your Amazon product listing holds significance as it ensures your product can be discovered through Amazon’s search engine when users input relevant search terms. This, in turn, helps attract potential customers who are genuinely interested in your product.

Improving your product listings on Amazon is essential to get sales on Amazon. Epinium uses AI to find the best keywords from multiple sources, including automated searches and Amazon Ads campaigns.

With its artificial intelligence that pulls the best keywords for your product from a variety of sources, including automatic keyword research and the results of your automated Amazon Ads campaigns. Using this information, Epinium generates product listings that include optimized titles, descriptions and highlights to improve your listings and stand out on Amazon.

Users of Epinium can now enhance their Amazon listings with AI-driven content improvement. Staying competitive in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape involves harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT to streamline the process of crafting and enhancing your Amazon product listings.

We recognize that crafting and optimizing product listings can be a time-consuming endeavor. Our innovative AI-driven Listing Optimization tool is engineered to simplify this task by automating the process. By leveraging pertinent keywords and product attributes, it automatically generates your product’s title, highlights, and description.

The tool’s versatility is extensive, and it allows for effortless automation of listing creation based on your desired index keywords. From there, with a simple click, you can kickstart the process of composing your product listing!

An Amazon listing tool is a third-party software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to assist sellers in creating product listings that are optimized for their target keywords and seamlessly publishing that content to their live product listing page.

Creating a product listing on Amazon doesn’t come with any direct charges. However, there are associated costs linked to the selling plan you select (Individual or Professional), as well as fees for each sale, fulfillment, and other expenses. You can find a comprehensive list of these fees on Amazon’s Pricing page.

The primary steps for optimizing your Amazon product listing involve strategically incorporating your targeted keywords into the product title, bullet points, and product description. It’s crucial to ensure that every field in the listing is filled out, and you’ve made the most of character limits to include keywords in a way that not only aligns with Amazon’s algorithms but also provides valuable context for potential customers.

Furthermore, Epinium provides you with the capability to incorporate extra keywords in the ‘Back Search Terms’ section located on the backend of your listing, which isn’t visible to customers. This unique feature sets it apart from other listing services.

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