If you want to start selling on Amazon you can’t miss the ASIN. The ASIN code of Amazon Amazon Standard Identification Number, is a combination of letters and numbers that serves as a unique identifier for each product sold through the platform. Yes, unique, that is to say that a new ASIN is created for each product, even to sell it in markets in other countries, on an international scale.

It is important to remember that the ASIN code only varies in the case of books. Such items always come with a 10-character ISBN number, so the ASIN will be exactly the same as the ISBN.

The ASIN is the first thing you need for your products to start being distributed on Amazon. And as we already know, ASINs can be used to find products through the search field on Amazon’s site.

How to obtain the ASIN

Amazon assigns you your code when you go to create your products in the catalog, you don’t generate it yourself. So you will have to request these ASIN codes once you have uploaded your product listing and Amazon will respond with the ASINs that correspond to each of your products.

The ASIN is very important because it allows you to make any changes or updates you wish to make to your available stock, because directly with the ASIN you can update information from a file or directly from your catalog.

How Amazon’s ASIN behaves with product variants.

If there are products with size or color variants in the case of apparel, or storage capacity variants in cell phones, each of these variants will have a different ASIN.

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