Promoting our product is crucial to increase sales on Amazon. But the effectiveness of promotion depends largely on the medium through which the process is carried out.

In the case of Amazon, PPC advertising is the best method of getting the product to our target customers.

However, the concept of PPC can be difficult to grasp at first. Here are some of the best PPC tips from Amazon FBA.

Resorting to automation

The most important thing we have to take into account is automation.

Therefore, if we are not really familiar with this term, then we should do so as it is the only thing that can help us reach our goal.

It is necessary to use automated campaigns to obtain better results as quickly as possible.

Manually sorting the list while competing with people who are using automation will get us nowhere. With automation, PPC management will be simplified.

Bidding on long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are in low demand and are quite cheap to bid on. Therefore, if we are starting as a newbie in FBA marketing, then we can make use of long-tail keywords.

A posteriori, it can only give you an advantage for visibility. Therefore, visibility is compromised by the low cost of long-tail keywords.

However, once we get some initial sales and improve organic ranking, we can bid on high-volume keywords to make our product visible.

Bidding on long-tail keywords is useful for entrepreneurs starting from scratch.

Bidding for our keywords

To increase sales on Amazon, bidding on our keywords may seem ridiculous. But your competitors may try to bid on our keywords to get customers. Therefore, to avoid this, we have to make sure that those keywords belong to us.

In addition, the reason to bid on our keywords is to make them expensive enough for competitors to abandon the idea of bidding on our branded keywords.

Bidding for Competitor’s Brand Keywords

Reverse psychology works best in commercial environments such as Amazon offers.

Although bidding on Competitor’s Brand Keywords may seem unnecessary to you, it is equally important to boost our sales. When we bid on Competitor’s Brand Keywords when our customer searches for the product, he will get the link from the ad to ours.

This way we will get a lot of traffic. And we may end up making our competitors’ customers ours for the future.

Optimize the selection of Negative Keywords

This is a process of choosing a negative keyword. By doing so, the keyword we have marked as negative will not be associated with any advertisement of our product.

Since all we have to do is to mark as negative those keywords that are not converting. We just have to find out the keywords that are not able to convert.

This way, we save the CPC and can use the amount saved on other parts of advertising, such as bidding.

Avoid cancellation of advertising

Cancellation occurs when sales go down because of our own product. Although this happens mainly with technological devices, it can also happen with the brand while promoting it.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, we need to include our product with a unique ASIN so that the product can be promoted in a group.

Final result

The only thing left is to master bidding. There is no trick to it, but it largely depends on our ability. Once we have all the right resources at the right price, we can easily focus on increasing sales.

However, we must be careful and smart enough to bid on the elements that will help us sales and improve the ranking of our product.

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