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In October 2015, Carlos and Miquel founded our company with the aim of helping companies improve their online positioning. They quickly obtained the first clients and as a result of the daily work they detected the great growth that Amazon was experiencing thanks to the fact that some of our clients sold on the platform.

In 2017 after trying a few months to sell the products of some brands on Amazon, we reaped great results and seeing the little competition that existed then, we decided to specialize in being an exclusive sales agency on Amazon.

Our customer base began to grow and because Amazon was not ready to be a marketing platform, we were uphill every time we had to optimize dozens of listings. Not only that, but we also had to manage the campaigns and if you manage accounts on Amazon, you will already know how much time that consumes.

In 2018, after assembling a team of computer engineers and obtaining different Amazon data access APIs, we started developing Epinium as software to help Amazon agencies save time and achieve better results.

Since then more than 1,200 sellers have used Epinium, more than 50M euros in sales have been generated, more than 2 million euros of investment in advertising have been managed and we have analyzed more than 5 million products.

Our vision

Offer agencies the tools and resources they need to grow brands on Amazon

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