Amazon PPC

Master Amazon PPC: Strategies to dominate the marketplace

Advertising on Amazon is an important key for Amazon sellers’ success. There are a lot of sellers, who have been selling on Amazon for a few months and still don’t see improvements in their performance. Most of the time they are not considering setting up an Amazon PPC campaign.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

What is AMC? – Complete Guide

Are you ready to take a leap in your Amazon marketing strategies? Then get ready to get to know Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)! In this guide, we will reveal the secrets of this tool that can completely change your experience selling on Amazon. Discover how AMC can be the key

¿Por qué deberías pagar por anuncios en Amazon si la gente ya está buscando tu marca?

Why should you pay for ads on Amazon if people are already searching for your brand?

As a seller on Amazon, you’ve probably wondered if it’s really necessary to pay for ads on the platform. After all, your brand is already established and people are actively searching for your products on the site. However, in today’s competitive e-commerce world, relying solely on organic search results may

Top Amazon PPC Software for Optimizing Your Advertising Campaigns

Why use Amazon PPC software? Optimizing Your Advertising Campaigns

Welcome to our article where we will talk about Amazon PPC and its importance of using a software to be successful on the platform. Amazon PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a form of advertising on the Amazon marketplace. It allows sellers to create campaigns for their products and bid on keywords

Effective amazon ppc tool

5 Must-Have Features for an Effective Amazon PPC Tool

Effective Amazon PPC tools have become an essential part of any e-commerce business’s digital marketing strategy. They allow businesses to reach more customers and increase sales by placing their products at the top of search results on Amazon. By using Amazon PPC tools, businesses can also improve their return on

How to use Sponsored Products on Amazon?

How to use Sponsored Products on Amazon?

What are Sponsored Products on Amazon? Sponsored Products on Amazon are ads targeted at keywords and ASINs similar to Google Adwords. They allow us to promote individual products within Amazon search results and on product detail pages. Sponsored Products are the most popular ads on Amazon. Getting started with Sponsored

CR in PPC campaigns

CR in PPC Campaigns

What is the CR in PPC campaigns? We understand CR in PPC campaigns as the percentage of people who buy our product out of all those who have visited our product listing. This is a very simple calculation, all we need to know is the total number of PPC orders

brand keywords

Maximizing Your Brand’s Visibility with Targeted Branded Keywords on Amazon

Bidding on branded keywords with Amazon Sponsored Ads is a great way to create a unique brand experience and connect with our ideal customers. 1. INCREASE BRAND PRESENCE A great opportunity of bidding on our own brand is that it allows us to increase brand presence. This includes cross-selling our

Estrategia de Black Friday en Amazon

Amazon Black Friday strategy

Black Friday, a period when retailers pull out all the stops with irresistible offers made for shoppers. If you want to succeed and take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales, here’s what your Amazon Black Friday Strategy should look like. Stock forecast The number of customers who decide

¿Qué es Amazon OTT y cómo ayuda a tu marca?

What is Amazon OTT and how does it help your brand?

Advertising is taking new paths and forms, just as users are taking new paths with the formats and types of content they consume. The advertising options that Amazon offers to its sellers, such as Display Ads, Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products, help sellers to increase the visibility of their products

Registro de marcas de Amazon

¿Cómo registrar tu marca en el Registro de marcas de Amazon?

Si tu negocio ya se encuentra en Amazon o deseas iniciarte en este Marketplace, el Registro de marcas de Amazon es un paso vital para tu negocio. Con dicho registro, conseguirás evitar que otros usuarios usen tu marca, o incluso, que la registren antes que tú y, por lo tanto, te veas


Acos vs TAcos: Differences and Relationships

All Amazon sellers who create payment campaigns on Amazon have heard of ACoS, but recently, more and more people are talking about TACoS, which has some key differences from Acos.

Best Tips to Manage Amazon Products Out of Stock

Even the most prepared, well organized Amazon seller can face Out-of-Stock Inventory. Amazon products out of stock can affect very badly your performance since the situation provides customers with a bad experience and you lose sales and Amazon SEO rank while your competitors continue to grow and increase their Amazon

AMAZON PRIME DAY 2021: How to Be Prepared

According to Olsavsky, the Olympics, which are taking place in Japan, will put the supply chain even more under pressure, with possible delays in deliveries. Moreover, Olsavsky said that "July is a holiday month, so it might be better for customers and sellers to experience another time frame for Prime

Top 6 Digital Marketing Metrics to Track on Amazon

Why is it important to know which digital marketing metrics to track on Amazon? Marketing metrics give you a clue of whether your campaign is reaching the KPIs established before, or not

Epinium: Campaign Optimization Tool

Recently we asked you to let us know what is the most important tool to manage your Amazon Account, from your perspective. What emerged from this poll was: Campaign Optimization tool.

Why should you create PPC campaigns?

The key to success on Amazon is to advertise your products on the Marketplace. In this way, your brand and products will gain visibility and you will have access to a greater number of buyers on the platform. In short, Amazon PPC is a very good option to boost the

How Amazon FBA works

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. FBA is a logistics system that gives access to anyone on the planet to sell their products on the Marketplace platform. It should be noted that you have the advantage of storing them in their warehouses. In addition, the platform will take care of

How to use Search Terms effectively

Remember the importance of providing suitable search terms for customers to find your products on Amazon. In this way, you must stick to the terms they use most frequently, and thus, define the products they are looking for. Also, do not rule out the possibility of using amazon SEO software

Become an Amazon Seller

Becoming an Amazon seller will allow you to sell on the platform without it selling for you. You can sell your products without losing control of your business. In Seller Central or 3P, you manage the inventory, set the sale price and take care of making the sale in the

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