¿Qué es Amazon OTT y cómo ayuda a tu marca?

Advertising is taking new paths and forms, just as users are taking new paths with the formats and types of content they consume.

The advertising options that Amazon offers to its sellers, such as Display Ads, Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products, help sellers to increase the visibility of their products in a remarkable way.

All this leads to increased traffic to your product listings and, therefore, increased sales.

These types of ads are part of one of the possibilities that Amazon offers, but there are other ways to advertise.

This is where Amazon OTT Advertising comes in, video advertising that allows advertisers to buy video ads and display ad placements, across Amazon’s entire ecosystem; Kindle devices, Fire TV, Prime Video and IMDb, along with compatible networked apps.

What is Amazon OTT advertising?

Over-The-Top or OTT advertising are online streaming services that do not require a cable or service provider.

It is content that is shown directly to viewers through an Internet video streaming service.

Viewers can watch OTT content on a wide variety of devices, such as cell phones, game consoles and tablets, although most use connected TVs (CTVs).

How does Amazon OTT work?

If you consume series on Freevee, if you have played a Twitch live event or even if you use Fire TV, you have already consumed OTT advertising.

Amazon OTT ads are on the Amazon DSP platform. Amazon Fire Stick is the channel through which thousands of ads reach millions of users every day.

Its connection to Amazon DSP allows brands to interact with the audience based on a wealth of information.

What are the advantages of Amazon OTT?

Access to a wide audience

Amazon OTT advertising is useful for brand performance and broader audience reach strategies.

These types of ads offer the opportunity for advertisers to reach more new audiences, as more and more people are choosing to consume streaming video content over traditional television.

Target direct access

Not only does it allow them to reach more audience, but they can also address their audience directly.

The ability to buy video placements in ad-supported apps on FireTV allows OTT ads to take advantage of Amazon DSP’s audience targeting and automatic advertising features.

In this way, Amazon DSP, will provide information about your audience so that your ad will get interactions from the Target audience, which will end up generating more product sales.

Cheaper than traditional advertising

The costs of traditional advertising are quite high and it is difficult to make a detailed segmentation, so in many cases, a large investment is made without reaching the attention of the target audience.

OTT ads optimize resources and are a great advantage over traditional advertising models such as television.

Displayed at 100%

Another advantage of this type of advertisement is that they cannot be skipped and are displayed in a full screen format.

These ads are usually seen all the way through, so they help brands share their message with unique and relevant audiences.

Why use OTT advertising?

Entertainment is moving away from being consumed via cable and is increasingly being consumed via streaming, which means that more and more people are watching content on the go.

This offers two great opportunities. On the one hand, the increase in consumption, where 90% of the audience that consumes streaming content does so, on average, two hours per day.

On the other hand, streaming gives advertisers the possibility to appear in the everyday moments of people’s lives and taking advantage of these moments is a great opportunity to generate lasting connections with customers.

All this makes its implementation increasingly important within a marketing and advertising strategy.

The streaming TV trend is growing and is a great place with great opportunities for brands.

OTT advertising is a great example of this, which takes advantage of this new trend to reach the target audience in a much more economical way and with better results.

If you are a Seller or Vendor you will know that the Amazon world is an experience that requires time and dedication to achieve positive results.

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