When will be the Amazon Prime Day 2021? The CFO of Amazon Brian Olsavsky, confirmed that this year Amazon Prime Day will be in June. According to Olsavsky, the Olympics, which are taking place in Japan, will put the supply chain even more under pressure, with possible delays in deliveries. Moreover, Olsavsky said that “July is a holiday month, so it might be better for customers and sellers to experience another time frame for Prime Day 2021.” We do not have the exact day yet, but rumors make us believe that it could be in the second half of June.

Those who have an Alexa-compatible smart speaker, among other things, can also pronounce the phrase “Alexa, keep me updated on Prime Day” to receive more detailed information as they will be officially communicated by Amazon.

But, why is it important that sellers arrive well prepared at Amazon Prime Day?

Because sellers can reach a great number of buyers, including those who always look for the same item, like clothes or Hi-Tech, can purchase something different, because of the price. In addition, lots of sellers saw an increase in sales due to lightning deals with respect to the past years. This occurs thanks to low prices, of course, but also because customers have less time to make a purchase decision and they don’t want to miss the chance to buy something that seems an occasion. Furthermore, the return policy is very convenient, they can make an instinct purchase, and return the product if they are not satisfied.

So, How to be prepared for  Amazon Prime Day 2021?

In order to make you arrive prepared for Amazon Prime day, we organized an online event in which our speakers Carlos Martinez, CEO at Epinium and Victor M. Barco, CEO at Takana, will talk about the tasks you have to prioritize for obtaining the maximum from this day. They are:

  1. How to perform a previous audit of the accounts so that your entire catalog is suitable for Retail Ready.
  2. How to make an effective upload of your products.
  3. The importance of the title through a keyword study
  4. Criteria for an efficient FBA Stock shipment and product restock
  5. How to create and optimize campaigns before Prime Day

 If you are curious and want to have more information, we invite you to our event, but if you don’t have time that day you can, for sure, leave a message in the box below. 

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