Why is it important to know which digital marketing metrics to track on Amazon? Marketing metrics give you a clue of whether your campaign is reaching the KPIs established before, or not. KPIs must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) otherwise the metrics you have selected for your analysis are useless. Metrics allow you to take the best action to adjust your campaign and make it run as you want. Thanks to metrics, you can understand if your campaign strategy is a success! In addition it is very useful to take advantage of a software, which allows you to display those metrics the way that most reflects the results of your KPIs.

What are the best Digital Marketing Metrics to track on Amazon?

If you are an Amazon seller or you are planning to become one of them, you should be interested in which metrics you have to track in order to understand if your advertising campaign is going in the right direction, or if your investment is going to trash together with your lost revenues.

Let’s point out the top 6 digital marketing metrics to track on Amazon:

  1. Impression: this is very important because it gives you a clue of whether your content is reaching the target audience. If not, the problems could be related to wrong keywords, to unoptimized listings, uncompetitive price and much more.
  2. Click-through-rate: this metric quantifies the number of clicks your advertised product received after having been seen by the target audience. if you have a low CTR means that something of your campaign design is not correct.
  3. Cost-per-click: you have total control of this metric, because you already know what you are going to pay for each keyword used in your ad. Therefore you can control your budget and avoid the unpleasant situation of running out of budget.
  4. Conversion rate: this metric has a deeper meaning compared to CTR or Impression. Conversion rate identifies the efficacy of your ad in making people do what you want.  
  5. ROAS: it stands for “Return on Ad Spend.” ROAS can help you determine the efficiency of your Amazon advertising campaigns by calculating the amount of money your business earns for each pound it spends on advertising. In other words this reflects your campaign’s profitability.
  6. ACOS: ACoS can be used to determine success across all your PPC campaigns even when your products are bringing in different revenue per unit sold. You can check whether your products promoted in Amazon PPC were sold often enough to keep your ad placements profitable.

Our dashboard to track your campaign on Amazon

Once we have selected the metrics with which we want to analyse our campaign it would be helpful to see them in a graph in order to immediately understand the health of your campaign. 

In Epinium, our software developers created a dashboard which can be customized. You can select which campaign you need to analyse and which metrics are essential. In order to have a clear perspective you can display two metrics at time. The goal is to have a near real-time view into how your marketing efforts are performing. In the example below, we can see a graph which displays the trend of the selected campaign with respect to conversion rate and Impressions. Impressions are represented by the yellow line and the conversion rate by the blue one. As we can see this campaign has a lot of impression, this means that the campign is reached by the audince, but a relatively low conversion rate. This coul be dued to the fact that the audience reached is not the target audience, you may have to revise your price, keywords, linstings and so on.

You can also verify keywords performances in order to optimize your campaign. All metrics related to those keywords will be displayed in tables, so that you can make comparisons and decide how to optimize your campaign by adding or changing keywords. 

Moreover you can see which advertised product is performing better than the others according to the metrics you want to point out and that reflect your KPI.

Hereby we want to invite you to do our free trial in order to understand the potentialities a software like this has and all the benefits you can take advantage of. For any doubts or questions you can leave a comment below.

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