Amazon ChatGPT

Amazon ChatGPT: Maximize your earnings on Amazon

What if I told you that Amazon and ChatGPT can help you transform your business into a well-oiled sales machine? Yes, you read that right! With Amazon ChatGPT’s listing optimization and intelligent campaigns, your products will have more visibility, your presentation will be more appealing and your performance will be

Arbitraje de Amazon Cómo convertir oportunidades en ganancias

Amazon Arbitrage: How to Turn Opportunities into Profits

Amazon arbitrage is a technique of buying and selling products on the Amazon platform with the goal of making a profit. It consists of buying products at a low price from one place and reselling them on Amazon at a higher price. Although it may sound simple, Amazon arbitrage requires

limitations of Amazon's supply chains

The limitations of Amazon’s supply chains

The last few months have been very busy in terms of external factors causing the limitations of Amazon’s supply chains. Some events are happening outside of our control and will have short-term and long-term implications, not only affecting our supply chain but on a national level. The conflict between Russia

Elegir productos adecuados para vender en Amazon

What products to sell on Amazon: a practical guide to success”.

Want to succeed on Amazon and don’t know where to start? One of the most important decisions you need to make is choosing what to sell on Amazon. Choosing products that meet the needs of buyers, have a high enough profit margin, and are easy to ship and store is

Cómo sacar el máximo provecho de Amazon como vendedor particular

How to get the most out of Amazon as a private seller

Are you interested in selling on Amazon as a private seller and generating additional income? Selling on Amazon as a private seller can be an excellent opportunity to reach a wide audience and generate income through the sale of your products. However, it also involves certain challenges and requires some

Estrategia de Black Friday en Amazon

Amazon Black Friday strategy

Black Friday, a period when retailers pull out all the stops with irresistible offers made for shoppers. If you want to succeed and take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales, here’s what your Amazon Black Friday Strategy should look like. Stock forecast The number of customers who decide

Amazon FBA 2023

Amazon FBA 2023: The Future of Online Marketing

If we talk about e-commerce, we are talking about Amazon. The Marketplace par excellence has not stopped growing and welcoming new sellers, as well as new buyers with more than 300 million active accounts. And it is not surprising to hear praise for Amazon, as 76% of sellers are profitable,


Best Sellers on Amazon on Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is over and has made it clear for another year that online sales are on the rise. This 2022, the online channel option to make purchases has increased by 2.9%, more than 2021, a year that also witnessed an increase in sales through the online channel. The trend


Acos vs TAcos: Differences and Relationships

All Amazon sellers who create payment campaigns on Amazon have heard of ACoS, but recently, more and more people are talking about TACoS, which has some key differences from Acos.

Epinium Tool – Version 1.5.3 – Usability Improvements

As always, we want you to know about the improvements we make to our tool; Thanks to a teamwork between developers and users, our tool reflects even more the needs of Amazon sellers.

Best Tips to Manage Amazon Products Out of Stock

Even the most prepared, well organized Amazon seller can face Out-of-Stock Inventory. Amazon products out of stock can affect very badly your performance since the situation provides customers with a bad experience and you lose sales and Amazon SEO rank while your competitors continue to grow and increase their Amazon

AMAZON PRIME DAY 2021: How to Be Prepared

According to Olsavsky, the Olympics, which are taking place in Japan, will put the supply chain even more under pressure, with possible delays in deliveries. Moreover, Olsavsky said that "July is a holiday month, so it might be better for customers and sellers to experience another time frame for Prime

The Data Breach Has Revealed Amazon Fake Reviews

A recent data breach has exposed a widespread scam involving fake reviews on Amazon. The fact has revealed that more than 200,000 people are involved in unethical activities in the online retails industry; they are providing fake reviews in exchange for free products.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Metrics to Track on Amazon

Why is it important to know which digital marketing metrics to track on Amazon? Marketing metrics give you a clue of whether your campaign is reaching the KPIs established before, or not

Epinium: Campaign Optimization Tool

Recently we asked you to let us know what is the most important tool to manage your Amazon Account, from your perspective. What emerged from this poll was: Campaign Optimization tool.

Amazon Product Detail Page | No More HTML Formatting

In order to make Amazon Product Detail Page visible to each customer, even those who have no-HTML devices, Amazon decided to stop supporting HTML tags on detail pages. Don't worry! This change will be implemented after June 8, 2021.

Software Updates | Epinium April 2021

We developed a software which helps you work faster, easier and in a proper way. People who already know Epinium, and who chose us, can benefit from our daily hard work to stay up-to-date with Amazon changes and the requests of our clients.

Amazon Inventory Adjustments | How to Manage your FBA Inventory Through Simplified FBA Inventory Rep...

Starting from the beginning of March Amazon simplified the FBA Inventory Reporting a useful and necessary tool of which Sellers can take advantage, in order to verify inventory adjustments. So let's get a look into this topic! But first, let us remind you what FBA is, and how it works.

Amazon Brand Registry & Recent Innovations

Amazon Brand Registry helps you to build and protect your brand, creating a better and unique experience for customers. It is a crucuial tool for any brands which face numeros challenges that threaten their credibility on the Amazon platform. So, what are the real benefits?

Why should you create PPC campaigns?

The key to success on Amazon is to advertise your products on the Marketplace. In this way, your brand and products will gain visibility and you will have access to a greater number of buyers on the platform. In short, Amazon PPC is a very good option to boost the