Black Friday is over and has made it clear for another year that online sales are on the rise. This 2022, the online channel option to make purchases has increased by 2.9%, more than 2021, a year that also witnessed an increase in sales through the online channel.

The trend is clear: more and more people are choosing to shop from home.

Amazon is the undisputed leader when it comes to Black Friday in digital and ecommerce. A study conducted by SEMrush proves it. In Spain, Amazon is positioned in first position in websites and online stores most visited during Black Friday, followed, with distance, by El Corte Inglés and Media Markt.

There are many categories and items in which you can find great deals on Amazon. From Epinium we bring you the best sellers on Amazon on Black Friday 2022. Are you interested in any of these? Thousands of people have already bought them!


The electronics category is the category par excellence during Black Friday and it is where you will find the best discounts and the best deals.

Analicemos cuáles han sido los más vendidos en Amazon en Black Friday 2022 en esta categoría.

Samsung Galaxy M13 64GB

This mobile device has earned a place among the top three best-selling products on Amazon thanks to its reduced price and high brand recognition.

The €129 according to its performance make this Samsung the perfect choice for all those people who are not very demanding with the devices, even so, this low-end Android stands out for its great autonomy and its 6.6″ screen and a resolution of FHD+. Without a doubt, a bargain!

Samsung Galaxy M13 64GB - Los más vendidos en Amazon

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ITL6

There are many laptops with lower prices, but the favorite of users on Black Friday 2022 has been this laptop from the Lenovo brand.

With a price of €479, it is one of the best options at an intermediate level due to its performance.

Its Inter Core i5 processor, a 15.6″ HD screen or its 8 GB of RAM, along with a great design with a clean and contemporary look, have made it one of the best sellers on Amazon on Black Friday 2022.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ITL6 - Los más vendidos en Amazon

Chromecast con Google TV (HD)

The Chromecast is one of the quintessential accessories in the electronics category.

More and more people are deciding to purchase it because of its usefulness and low cost.

Priced at €29.99, it offers the convenience and versatility to send content from your mobile device, computer or tablet to the TV in the easiest way possible, offering the possibility to enjoy your favorite content on the big screen.

Chromecast con Google TV (HD) - Los más vendidos en Amazon


The advantages of daily exercise are known to all and more and more people are concerned about their health and enjoy practicing sports.

No matter what sport you decide to practice, everything you need you know you can find it on Amazon, so let’s see what have been the best sellers on Amazon on Black Friday 2022 in the world of sport.

Mi Smart Band 6

This Alexa-connected watch offers a wealth of features and was priced at €22.99 during Black Friday.

Sleep quality monitoring, measurement of your blood oxygen level or heart rate monitoring, along with a long battery life of up to 15 days, are some of the features of this watch.

There are many on the market, but in relation quality and price, this Mi Smart Band 6 has been the object and desire of thousands of buyers on Amazon.

Mi Smart Band 6 - Los más vendidos en Amazon

Mancuernas Amazon Brand – UMI

If you have decided to do sport and it is going to be one of your new resolutions next year 2023, dumbbells should be part of your basic equipment to start training.

It is one of the tools that you will use the most and you can find them at very good prices. These dumbbells, with a price of €26,25 during Black Friday 2022, will complete and will be part of the training of a lot of people, as they have been the best sellers in this category.

Mancuernas Amazon Brand - UMI - Los más vendidos en Amazon

FITFIU Fitness MC-200

If you decide to train at home and want to improve your cardio, a folding treadmill is the best option.

For Amazon shoppers, the FITFIU MC-200 was the one.

It has 12 training programs and an adjustable speed of up to 14 km/h. It also has a heart rate monitor on the handlebars to receive heart rate information.

At €283.95 it’s a great extra that will take your training and results to another level.

FITFIU Fitness MC-200 - Los más vendidos en Amazon


Beauty and personal care products are other items that are a big hit on Amazon.

The almost infinite variety of products and the possibility of finding what best suits one’s needs make it one of the most visited categories.

Let’s see which of all your products have been the best sellers on Amazon on Black Friday 2022.

Oral-B PRO 3

Oral B electric toothbrushes always have a prominent place in this category. The Oral-B PRO3 has been a success this Black Friday 2022 with a price of €49.99.

This brush is one of the best options for anyone who wants to switch to an electric toothbrush. It has 3 brushing modes, the battery lasts over 2 weeks on 1 charge and offers a much deeper clean than a manual brush.

Oral-B PRO 3 - Los más vendidos en Amazon

Philips Afeitadora Serie 5000

This Philips shaver is one of the benchmarks in terms of beauty and personal care.

Its price of €54.99 on Black Friday made it an attraction for all those men looking for a versatile shaver that offers clean finishes thanks to its heads in 5 directions with 5 independent movements.

It is ideal for all those who shave every day as well as for all those who decide to take care of their beard and keep it always clean and impeccable as it also has a SmartClick precision trimmer.

Both heads are easy to change and can be rinsed under water, plus it has more than 40 minutes of cordless shaving – a great option!

Philips Afeitadora Serie 5000 - Los más vendidos en Amazon

L’Oréal Paris Sérum Antiarrugas

This anti-wrinkle facial serum, which provides intense hydration with a simple application of 2 to 3 drops, has struck a chord with customers this Black Friday 2022.

Its reduced price of €9.75 for a product from a brand with such a presence and credibility as L’Oréal has led to a large number of customers deciding to buy it and has positioned it among the best sellers in the Beauty category.

L’Oréal Paris Sérum Antiarrugas - Los más vendidos en Amazon

Black Friday is a great time to buy those products you crave at lower prices than ever before!

Now you know what have been the best sellers on Amazon on Black Friday 2022 in the categories of electronics, sports and beauty. Have you been surprised by any of those who have appeared on the list?

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