In today’s blog post, we will be discussing the best tips for having optimized listings on Amazon.

We gathered up the best ones for you and your team to succeed!

Let’s get started!

1. Images

Some people would claim your main image is the number one piece of art to your listing your customer actually will see before they see the title, the price or how many reviews customers have left. Make sure you completely maximise the 7 available images. If your product is a 2 sided piece of card or a simple product, create images where a person is seen using the product.

2. Prime

If your not on the amazon vendor program then focus on FBA to achieve prime status for your listing, since not only this will help you win the buy box, but it is also proven to be helpful with rankings.

3. Reviews

Reviews help a lot with ranking and conversions, if you’re using an Amazon sponsored products programme you will see a huge decrease in ACOS if your product has quite a significant amount of reviews.

We recommend getting early customers to leave reviews and join the Amazon early reviewer programme. While you cannot incentivise reviews on Amazon, you can still send emails to customers requesting reviews. Also, Amazon has recently also simplified the reviews process which means reviews should now be easier to acquire.

4. Generic Keywords or Search Terms

Depending on your category and age of your listing, it will show whether or not you have generic keywords or search terms. They do the same thing and you should use all the 225 characters available here to implement keywords that might be important to your product and you don’t want customers to see.

5. Price

Try to keep your price relative to your margins but still pay close attention to your competition, especially if you have multiple sellers on your ASIN, and in case the product isn’t converting try to reduce your margin.

6. A+ Content or Descriptions

If you are on the Amazon’s brand registry program, you can create beautiful A+ pages in the place of your descriptions and offer videos to optimise your listings. If you do not do that, try using your descriptions well and use around 1000 characters of qualitative content.

7. Titles and bullets

Try using keyword research tools and rank checkers to get the maximum data available to your listings from multiple sources and competitors, remember to maximise the titles to over 150 characters, make in depth qualitative keyword driven bullet points. Last, have great descriptions over 1000 characters accompanying your product images to really sell it.

8. Item specifics

What external factors to listings help boost ranking?

1. Amazon Sponsored Products – this is perfect to help boost a new product which needs exposure and product reviews, it needs to be checked and analyzed on a daily way.

2. Account health – keep your account health excellent within Amazon, this is much easier to achieve if you use FBA or are an Amazon vendor. You just need to provide good service, don’t get bad reviews or claims, keep a good low order defect rate and never have products out of stock!!

3. A product page that is converting – use the above tips and your conversion rates will continue to improve, that balance with other factors will start to build gradual healthy sales.

The higher the relevance and performance of your listing, the higher it will appear on Amazon search results.

9. Listing titles

Amazon has always been transparent about what works best with their search algorithm and it has even created a list of must-have title keywords for each product category and basic title guidelines.

Back in June 2019, Amazon announced its search algorithm would benefit product listings that follow its guidelines. Hence, listings that do not comply with these standards rank lower in search results.

10. Bullet points

If you are on Amazon, you need to know bullet points aren’t just a text formatting element. in fact, they can make or break a sale. Keywords included in bullet points also improve rankings in search results.

As with listing titles, Amazon has their own suggestions on how to write attractive bullet points.

Bullet points are a nice way of highlighting your product’s best features and convincing your potential customer.

These bullet points provide information on the product’s main features quickly enough to catch the shopper’s eyes.

11. Product photos

While Google file names and image alt texts can be yet another keyword opportunity, the A9 doesn’t take this into consideration. So how exactly does a product image work with Amazon rankings?

Clear, attractive product photos will increase the chances of shoppers clicking on your listing, making it much more likely for you to close a sale. And this, in turn, will boost your A9 visibility because as I mentioned before, your conversion rate affects your position within Amazon search results.

Similar to titles and bullet points, there are also guidelines for images. And Amazon rewards those who follow these requirements by nudging them up in the search results.

Hence, write your own product descriptions from scratch—this will result in better rankings in search results.

We hope you liked this post and as always, please leave any question on the comments section below and we will be happy to answer them!

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