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Before we go deeper into how to use Epinium for Amazon PPC, let’s have a brief overview of how we are conducting PPC campaigns:

  • Manage the Portfolios and budgets
  • Creating campaigns
  • Remove non-converting keywords
  • Increase bids for high-performing keywords

So, how to use Epinium fo Amazon PPC?

Launch campaigns to find great-performing keywords that convert into sales!

Epinium makes it very easy to create campaigns. If you use more than one account, you can select the ones you want to work with.

tutorial epinium

In the selection menu, you can see all the metrics of the campaigns from last 30 days or select individually the time span. You can very quickly change the status, name and daily budget directly in the table. To  properly organize the table, every column has different filtering tools.

The filtering tools are very helpful to make the analysing process easier. By clicking on any column title, your listings get filtered in an ascending or descending  by double clicking  the order. You can use this tool on multiple columns of the table by pressing the shift key.

Since it is a table with a lot of columns, you select  only the ones you are interested on seeing. By selecting and deactivating the lock, you can adjust the table in the way that bests suits your needs.

Creating a campaign

Campaign: Here is where you select the campaign name, the Amazon Seller Account, the marketplace and the portfolio. Portfolios are useful tools to manage the budget of your campaigns.

It is possible to activate the “Multicampaign Strategy” or manually create the campaigns. The perks of activating the multicampaign strategy is the creation of four sponsored product campaigns.

Optional Data: You have four options to set the budget distribution depending on your campaigns strategy: New Brand, Known Brand, Expand Market or Custom. This influences the daily budget of each campaign. At all times, you can  easily edit the daily budget assigned to your campaigns in the campaign overview.

In the next window, you can create Ad groups.

Products: The next step is to add the product to the Ad group. The table of all the products of the account can all be filtered by the different columns. (see Tutorial on SEO with Epinium)

Keywords and Product Segmentation: Here you have the same features as on Amazon Seller Central. The bids of all the keywords and ASINS can be set one by one or by default.

After creating a campaign, it is important to update your keywords to improve the conversion of your campaigns.                                                     How to analyse the campaigns and keywords see Tutorial #3 : How to use Epinium for Amazon Advertising Management?

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