New Season Tag on Amazon

Attract more shoppers with a ‘New Season’ tag on Amazon

Amazon has introduced a new innovation on its platform: the “New Season” tag. This new functionality is designed to highlight products that have been recently launched, offering sellers a unique opportunity to increase their visibility and attract more potential buyers, which will ultimately improve their click-through rate (CTR). The Importance

Amazon Hub Delivery

Amazon Boosts Delivery Infrastructure with Amazon Hub Delivery

Amazon continues to innovate and improve its delivery services to provide a better experience for its customers. Recently, the company announced the launch of its new local delivery programme called Amazon Hub Delivery, which aims to strengthen its last mile delivery network in the US. The programme will focus on

Average Product Rating & Reviwes

Amazon displays the average Product Rating and Reviews in Sponsored Brand Ads.

Amazon continues to innovate the online shopping experience. Recently, it has introduced a new feature in its Sponsored Brand Ads that has generated a lot of buzz among sellers and shoppers. This unique feature is the display of the “Average Product Rating and Reviews” directly in the Sponsored Brand Ads.

Amazon removes Small and light

Amazon Reduces Logistics Fees for Low-Cost Products

Amazon, has announced a major move that will directly affect products under $10. Starting 29 August, the company will eliminate the “Small and Light” programme, which was previously used by sellers for these items. Amazon stated its commitment to offer more competitive rates for low-cost products. As of 29 August,

New BuyBox Multiple on Amazon

BuyBox Multiple on Amazon: Increase your sales with the option to buy multiple items.

With this new multiple BuyBox, available only in the Desktop version, Amazon significantly simplifies the purchasing process when you want to buy several products at once. Previously, if you wanted to buy multiple items on Amazon, you had to add the first item to the shopping cart and then return

Nuevas Insignias de Elección en Amazon

The impact of new badges on Amazon sellers.

The recent introduction of new choice badges has brought major changes to the way shoppers perceive and choose products on Amazon. These special tags, which highlight products recommended for quality and competitive pricing, now feature a new category called “Popular Brand Choice.” These changes also have a significant impact on

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