Nuevas Insignias de Elección en Amazon

The recent introduction of new choice badges has brought major changes to the way shoppers perceive and choose products on Amazon.

These special tags, which highlight products recommended for quality and competitive pricing, now feature a new category called “Popular Brand Choice.”

These changes also have a significant impact on sellers looking to stand out in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Let’s take a look at how this new badge has a significant impact on Amazon sellers and what strategies they can implement to adapt to this update.

Why the change?

The question on many people’s minds is why Amazon decided to introduce these changes to the choice badges. While no official explanation has been provided, one can speculate that Amazon is trying to improve the customer experience by providing greater clarity and transparency in product recommendations.

By offering two different types of choice badges, Amazon can highlight both the overall popularity of a product and its popularity within a specific brand.

The change in choice badges

Until recently, only a single Amazon choice badge was displayed in search results. However, we can now see two different types of choice badges:

  • General Choice: This badge is awarded to products that are highly rated, competitively priced, and available for immediate shipping. It indicates that the product meets quality standards and offers an excellent customer shopping experience.
  • Popular brand pick: This badge is awarded to products that are popular with other consumers, in addition to meeting the criteria of the general choice badge. It indicates that the product is not only of high quality, but is also appreciated and recommended by a large number of buyers.

The Impact of the New Badge on Amazon Sellers

With the introduction of the new badge, Amazon sellers can expect changes in the way shoppers perceive and choose products. How might this new change affect them?

  • Increased competition for the popular brand badge: The new category highlights products that are highly rated and recommended by savvy customers. Sellers may now face increased competition for this badge, as buyers will be more inclined to choose products with this distinction.
  • Increased buyer confidence: Products with the badge will be perceived as higher quality and trusted options by buyers. Sellers who succeed in earning this badge can expect an increase in customer trust and preference.
  • Product differentiation: It can enable sellers to differentiate their products from the competition. Those who offer exceptional products and receive high ratings will have the opportunity to stand out and attract more buyers.

Strategies to adapt to the changes

As a marketer, you can take some steps to get it right and make the most of the new badge implementation.

  • Focus on quality: It is critical to offer high quality products and get positive customer reviews. Product quality and customer satisfaction will be key factors in earning the popular brand badge.
  • Soliciting reviews and feedback: Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and feedback on the platform can help improve product reputation and increase the chances of earning it.
  • Listing optimization: Improving product description, images and keywords in listings can increase visibility and attract more potential buyers.

The introduction of the “premium choice “popular brand” badge on Amazon has had a significant impact on the seller landscape. They are now presented with an opportunity to stand out and differentiate themselves on Amazon.

Sellers will need to adapt to these changes and focus on strategies that will enable them to meet the rigorous standards necessary to earn this valuable badge.Badges of choice

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