A well-known home-textile brand multiplied its sales a 449% in less than 3,5 months thanks to improving Amazon SEO in Epinium Analytics.

Burrito Blanco is a success case with respect to Amazon Seo optimization using the Epinium software. It is a Spanish home-textile brand that started commercializing home fabrics 60 years ago. It was not until 2013, when they started selling their products also in Amazon. Once their catalogue was uploaded, it seemed to work fine and it looked like sales were working quite correctly, although, they knew that sales could increase much more. At that point, Burrito Blanco started looking for many ways to boost their products and they met Amazon SEO. Amazon SEO gives you the chance to optimizing your products to appear in privileged positions as well as creating marketing campaigns to lead traffic to your products. Those expectatives lead them to starting a training process regarding Amazon SEO.


Burrito Blanco has a large catalogue with, more or less, 2000 products. When they needed to optimize each description, tittle, or bullet point of 2000 products they faced a big problem. At the Seller Central, you can view your listed products and more info like prices, stocks, etc… To view a product sheet, you need to open, one by one, each product. That fact of opening each product one by one to check their optimization level, was and still is, a complete waste of time.

Another problem they faced was… Where do we need to start from? Which products do we need to start with? Lots of questions without answers. What they did is to access to Amazon business reports that include data sales and sessions. Unfortunately, these reports only show ASIN’s that get sessions and sales, they do not include all the products and you don’t have a clear global view.

So, with the information collected, you decide to start optimising these products. First, you do a previous keywords research using any search term appearing in Amazon browser or using some tools that may give you important keywords and search volumes.

With Amazon, you download an excel file and the only way to know how to optimize a product is getting into each product sheet and checking, one by one, if the tittle needs to be improved, if there aren’t enough bullet points, if they have a good description, etc…

What happen if you manage a product with variations? You can not edit all variations at the same time. You need to change them individually or upload an excel file with copied ASIN’s checking what things are need to improve.

Then you need to upload a description in HTML (what Amazon does not offer) or uploading backend keywords. It’s very complicated to complete 5 rows with 250 characters with keywords, deleting duplicated words and without repeating words in tittle and bullet points.

Once everything is ready, you uploaded it to Amazon saving an excel file to help you controlling which products has been optimised and which not. That part supposed a big and tedious effort for Burrito Blanco.

One of the most important problems was and still is to change manually a product that will never be accepted and changed by Amazon in a shopper view. That can happen because it is being already sold by another seller or because Amazon just don’t want you to change it. Imagine checking if each product is being showed correctly taking into account that each change last 15 minutes to be effective. Isn’t it crazy?

All this work is manual, tedious and at the end, buyers use to feel discouraged and stop working on Amazon SEO.

BB needed to be able to view all their products in own platform, obtain metrics regarding products optimization level, bullet points info, descriptions and search terms. BB wanted to use this information, optimize products and upload them easily in Amazon.


Burrito Blanco saw in Epinium Analytics the solution to their problems as it unifies and lists in a platform any product from any country. BB could see a global analysis of their performance, what % of products where enough optimized or not regarding tittles, bullet points, descriptions, keywords, search terms, images, etc…

With Epinium Analytics, they knew where to start because it gave them all the information needed. That was enough to start using the software but what Epinium finally offered to BB was much more. They could and still can edit tittles, bullet points, images and descriptions in HTML massively. Keywords are distributed in 250 characters in 5 rows, automatically deleted when they are duplicated. Also, changes are uploaded in seconds to the seller central.

“Time saving is awesome due to the facility of viewing all your products sheets at the same time, mass editing and easy and fast uploading.”

For BB it was a huge progress because it let them saving more than a 60% of their time. They started and, in 3,5 months, with only a half of the catalogue optimized, they noticed an increase of a 449% in sales, an increase of 446% in sessions, and an increase of 869% in conversions.







Imagine what working on products optimization through a software that makes possible working a 60% faster.

Working on Amazon SEO, make your products more findable and converters.

Currently, their sales keep increasing exponentially. They use Epinium Analytics everyday in order to make their listings as good as possible and to get reports of their current performance.

“Epinium Analytics was the essential tool for increasing Burrito Blanco’s sales”

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