Sponsored Display on Amazon

1. What are Sponsored Displays on Amazon?

Amazon Sponsored Display ads allow us to target shoppers both on and off Amazon based on the specific detail pages the customer has viewed.

By showing ads to a narrow audience that has shown interest in our product (remarketing), Sponsored Display ads help us increase sales.

Why use Sponsored Displays on Amazon?

Sponsored Display ads are “retail aware” ads. They are displayed only if our products are in stock and the Featured Offer. Sponsored Display remarketing tools also automatically exclude customers who have already purchased the products we are advertising.

Below are more details on the two targeting approaches available through Sponsored Display ads: product targeting and view remarketing.

Product (ASIN or category) targeting

Using ASIN or category targeting, Sponsored Display ads can appear on:

  • Amazon product detail pages
  • Search results on desktop, mobile and the Amazon app
  • Amazon’s home page

Remarketing Views

Remarketing views allows us to re-engage customers who have viewed our product detail page or similar product and category detail pages in the last 30 days.

In addition to placements on Amazon (product detail pages, search results and the Amazon home page), view remarketing allows us to show ads outside of Amazon, on third-party websites and apps.

Because the potential customer has already expressed interest in the product category, there is a higher likelihood that they will make a purchase.

Even if the customer does not make an immediate purchase, remarketing our product to high-intent audiences is a powerful tool for building brand awareness and keeping the product top of mind for potential customers.

Setting up the Sponsored Display campaign on Amazon

We created the first Sponsored Display campaign with product targeting for offensive ASIN targets. For offensive ASIN targets, we targeted substitute and complementary products sold by our competitors.

To get an idea of who our competitors are, we typed some of the product description terms into the Amazon search bar and then browsed the results.

Offensive ASIN targets will give us the opportunity to tap into our competitors’ product detail page traffic or take their customers directly.

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