Black Friday Checklist: Make Sure your product listings are complete before Christmas Sales!

In this post,  we will go over the Amazon Black Friday checklist that you can implement and check before one of the most important days of the year starts.

PPC and indexing

Check ad positions (beforehand and also on the day in case people rise them up) manually on your PPC ads to make sure they are showing.

Make sure all your keywords are working organically.

Check your daily budget, you may not adjust bids but it’s worth making sure your budget  is optimal.

Polish any underperforming campaigns and place as negative keywords any non-relevant search terms.


Make sure there is no one  hijacking your listings

Make sure you OWN the buy box –  be extremely careful not to let a hijacker get sales and have low-quality stock shipped from China and get you poor reviews on your listing.

Check your listings are not suppressed and fix any biting issues beforehand.


Do you have all the relevant products in your catalog? Does Amazon have enough stock?


Check for old inventory, reserved inventory, and FC processing numbers for each product

Max Order Quantity: Make sure you don’t have any inventory restrictions (from a previous promotion)

Go over your shipped and received shipping plans to detect any discrepancies.

Check inventory levels and send in now (sending in loose carts) if you have a shortfall (compared to last year’s sales).


If you are submitting deals to Amazon;

Did you analyze and pick the best selection? Try to submit it at least a week earlier before the deadline for submission is over.


Are SEO keywords well covered in your listings (bullets, description, titles, back-end keywords)?

Do you have variation errors? Duplicates? Optimize your catalog for prime customer experience and top organic search results.

This is where any external Amazon PPC Software can help in saving up time while automating all these things!


Having high visibility before and during Black Friday will ensure you the highest sales.You need to focus on improving your Sales Rank and setting up optimized Amazon campaigns. On top of that, you could aim to obtain an Amazon Choice badge or a Bestseller badge to make sure your brand is on the minds of potential clients.


Is your content of top quality? Conversion goes through the roof during these sales so make sure your content is in excellent shape, not only for the selected products in the deals but also for the rest of your catalog.

Consider improving or adding A+, A+ Premium pages. If you use Sponsored Brands consider refreshing your Brand Stores or adding a special landing page for your Best Sellers.


Make sure you have the best images uploaded (product and lifestyle). Should you create new images?


Run VINE on products that have few or low reviews. Answer negative reviews and address any problems in advance to avoid negative feedback.

Find out how we can help

Epinium will support you while getting ready for the biggest sales of the year! Our software can help with all things mentioned above.

Also, if you are in a rush and don’t have the required time to go through all this above mentioned, get started using Epinium and you’ll definitely reach your Christmas Sales Goal!

As usual, leave a comment on the comments section down below if you have any doubts and we will be happy to answer any questions!

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