Have you ever looked for a product on Amazon and then a few days or even hours later all of a sudden saw that same product somewhere while browsing the internet?

Well, then you’ve already been exposed to an  Amazon Retargeting Ads experience.

Retargeting is the most powerful form of PPC advertising on the internet. On Facebook Ads and Google Ads, it’s not uncommon to have conversion rates 3x higher or more on retargeting.

The good news is, that Amazon has released a retargeting option for Sponsored Products in Seller Central that you can manage yourself or else by using a software. 

What are Amazon Retargeting Ads?

Retargeted ads are shown to people who have already interacted with your products or brand in the recent past. These people have already shown interest in you and are the most likely to convert with a little extra push.

Retargeting increases conversion rates and impressions because it allows Amazon sellers to advertise to third-party websites and apps. This way, your best potential customers can see your products anywhere on the internet. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

With ad retargeting, you can now reach customers off of Amazon and build brand awareness more effectively. But, does it really work, or does it have any downside?

Typically, boosting impressions lowers conversion rates, but because ad retargeting shows ads to people already in your funnel, it actually gets you higher quality impressions.

Amazon Retargeting Ads explained

Do you want to get potential customers coming back over and over again?

In case you were wondering, Amazon has officially named this feature “Remarketing” which is very much similar to the more common “Retargeting” term. They mean the same thing, just terminology differences.

Going from DSP to Seller Central

Amazon has actually had ad retargeting available in the past but in a restricted form through Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Sellers could only retarget to Amazon-affiliated third-party sites like the Washington Post.

Now that Amazon has implemented retargeting for sponsored products, you can manage it yourself in Seller Central and retarget to any third-party website.

Remarketing conversion rate facts

Best of all, Amazon ad retargeting is cost-effective and leads to lower ACoS. 

It’s a great way for any seller trying to get the best return out of their PPC campaign.

Major Takeaways

The fact that Amazon has different advertising products still creates a lot of confusion because of the different capabilities for each platform.

Now that ad retargeting is available to Seller Central, Amazon has taken a great first step to normalize ad retargeting for all Amazon sellers and brands. 

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