Year after year, Amazon has grown into the number one platform destination for tones of online shoppers. Amazon dominates nearly half of the entire eCommerce market. As a result of this domination, retailers have to understand how to sell on Amazon and optimize their presence on the platform. However, in such an expanding place, how can retailers possibly stand out among the rest of other sellers? This is where Amazon Enhanced Brand Content comes takes action.

The fact is that while generating informative and creative titles and descriptions, using high-quality images and employing various optimization techniques is a necessity for Amazon sellers, it might not be enough to win over a customer. 

However, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (now A+ Content) helps to take listings to new heights, providing retailers with stunning formats that give consumers a closer look at a product. 

Moreover A+ Content can be a significant driver of sales given that this format provides far more information, thereby allowing shoppers to make a more informed purchase decision. Given the potential that this Amazon product listing optimization feature holds, it is vital that retailers understand how to maximize the value that can be obtained from A+ Content.

Here, we will explain in depth what Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content) is and how sellers can maximize its deployment. However, do be aware that since the company has streamlined the name of this offering, Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content will be used interchangeably throughout the piece.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content? 

it is a free offering for third-party marketplace sellers that allows merchants to personalize their product listings for branded ASINs. As Amazon describes it, A+ Content: “Enables brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. Using this tool, you can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. Adding A+ to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.” 

With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, sellers can pick from a set of product layouts, opt to update product photos by including great images that sell and representing a brand story that retains shoppers and produces an overall better customer experience. Since buyers are given substantially more information through this format, it is reasonable to conclude that brands might also see a reduction in returns, alongside their increased sales. Moreover, since Amazon Enhanced Brand Content was introduced, the company has made a few improvements to the feature.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Developments Amazon has made three significant changes to this feature since it was rolled out. Those improvements include: 

Mobile Previews 

Through the A+ Content Manager, retailers are now able to switch the preview mode to see the desktop and mobile previews of their Enhanced Brand Content on the same screen. 

Publish to Multiple ASINs

Previously, sellers were required to submit A+ Content to one SKU at a time. Moreover, merchants would be forced to navigate the dizzy differences between parent SKUs and child SKUs. However, that has all gone away as the A+ Content Manager allows sellers to create, search, and apply content to multiple ASINs (not SKUs) from different families.

Language Modifications

In the past, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content was only able to support a single language per country. However, nowadays and through the A+ Content Manager, sellers can support multiple languages for a single country. For instance, in Canada, sellers can use English and French. When creating language variations, Amazon will show a seller the supported languages for their country and create a draft of the content for each language selected. With these augmentations covered, let’s explore some of the benefits of this incredible feature.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Advantages 

Since Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a feature designed to elevate the user experience, there are a variety of benefits that come from this element’s usage, including Reduced Bounces, Increased Loyalty.

As visual creatures, people are naturally drawn to images. This is exactly why the majority of marketers claim images to be their most important content for their social media strategies. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is perfect for converting formerly text-heavy product pages into image-clear destinations that persuade individuals to learn more about a product and potentially turn into customer.

On top of that, product returns are often the result of a big difference between a customer’s expectations and the reality of what they get. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content helps to alleviate each of these situations as the increased space for information and the implementation of additional images helps to make sure that consumers are more aware of what a product is and what it can do for them. 

As a result, they are more likely to have an expectation of the product that is more fair with the reality of the item, thereby reducing returns and unfavorable reviews. 

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