What is the One Stop Shop (OSS)?

Starting from the 1st of July, 2021 the application of the mini one-stop shop will be expanded. In other words, entrepreneurs and professionals who provide different services, such as distance selling or certain national deliveries, to final consumers established in a EU Member State other than where the entrepreneurs or professionals are located will have to formalize the “one-stop shop” (One Stop Shop, OSS).

The One-Stop-Shop is divided into three optional categories, which are referred to B2C operations:

  • Regime EU-OSS
  • Regime U-OSS
  • Regime I-OSS

This helps those entrepreneurs who provide services or deliver goods to consumers across Europe to simplify the VAT procedure. They do not need to register in each Member State of consumption, but will be able to:

  1. register for VAT purposes electronically in a single Member State for all qualifying sales of goods and services made to customers located in any of the other Member States;
  2. submit a single electronic VAT return in the Member State of identification and settle in a single payment the VAT accrued for all these sales of goods and services.

What is the Member State of Identification?

It refers to the Member State in which the entrepreneur or professional registers to finalize operations with the final consumer (B2C) and apply the one-stop-shop regime. This State is determined by the headquarters or establishment of the employer or professional, or, where appropriate, by the intermediary.

What is the Memeber State of Consumption?

The Member State of Consumption (EMC) refers to that State in which the operations to which each Scheme applies take place are taxed. In particular:

  • The Regime EU-OSS applies to those states in which operations are carried out.
  • The UOSS is applied differently depending on the benefits:

In the case of services, it is applied in those States in which the provision of services is considered to take place.

In the case of intra-community distance sales of goods, in is applied in those States of arrival of the dispatch or transport of the goods to the customer.

In the case of certain national deliveries of goods by electronic interfaces, when the dispatch or transport of the delivered goods begins and ends in the same Member State, it is applied in that Member State.

The IOSS it is applied to those States of arrival of the dispatch or transport of the goods to the customer

If you want additional information about the One-Stop Shop, Who can I talk with?

Yes, you can contact the Tax Agency through the email addresses that you can find on the Tax Agency page.

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