In this article we are going to talk about how to advertise on Amazon.

Amazon provides advertising solutions that will improve the attraction and interaction with buyers throughout their journey. Both in the initial stage and at the time of purchase, among others. Ads appear in consumer-visible places, for example on the first page of purchase results and product detail pages. Bid on keywords or products, and if it wins, it will be the one that will have visibility for buyers.

There are four services that you can combine with Epinium to make this process faster and more profitable.

Sponsored Products

These are ads for individual product listings on Amazon. We find them on the purchase results pages and on the product detail pages. This solution is key to increasing your sales, in addition to significantly increasing the visibility of the products combining with our software your results will improve.

Sponsored Brands

Show your brand and product portfolio. Also, your logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products appear. Furthermore, you find them in the results that are generated when buying.

Sponsored Display

It’s a very useful tool for reaching your audience based on relevant shopping activities to help drive awareness, consideration, and conversion with Display ads. In addition, these ads are creatively generated automatically, and they’re easy to create and manage. It should be noted, you can find them on Amazon and other sales channels.


They are page set and custom shopping destinations for individual brands. So they allow you to show the history of your brand and the products you offer. Moreover, it should be noted that the Stores are completely free to use.

How to start?
  1. First, log in to Seller Central and click on the advertising tab.
  2. Second, choose the products you are going to advertise.
  3. Third, choose how much you want to bid on clicks and which keywords or products you want to use in targeting.
  4. Then, wait a few minutes and you can launch your first campaign!

Likewise, Epinium is a software tool that will help you increasing your sales and saving you time in most of your company’s processes like the advertising ones.

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