What is the Amazon Posts program?

Amazon Posts allows registered brand sellers to share unique lifestyle images and product-related content through a “feed” that resembles other social media platforms. Customers will be able to scroll through the feed and click directly on our product detail pages. The program is designed not only to show customers how to use the products but also to encourage them to browse and discover the brand’s story.

Through the use of Posts, brands can maintain their brand identity seamlessly on other social platforms: sellers can reuse Instagram and Facebook post content for the Amazon feed.

At this time, customers can only see posts while using the Amazon mobile app or while viewing the Amazon site on a mobile browser.

Can I participate in the Amazon Posts Program?

Currently, the tool is in beta and only available to sellers who are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry or sellers within the United States. You must also have an Amazon store for your brand to be able to use Posts.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Posts Program?

The ability for social media to show products in attractive and relatable settings has a great impact on customers. Posts are an example of traditional social channels but go one step further by allowing customers to view the product behind the attractive content with just one click. Just for this reason, the use of posts is essential.

Where do Posts appear?

Amazon decides where posts are displayed, based on relevance and customer engagement. There are four places where posts can be displayed:

Brand feed

The brand feed is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the brand’s exclusive feed where we can post content about the entire product line.

Product page carousel

A “carousel” is a series of posts that appear on a product’s detail page and that customers can scroll through horizontally. Carousels appear on your product detail page and can also contain competitor posts.

Related brands feed

By clicking on a post within a product page carousel, customers access the related brands feed where they can discover more of our products as well as other brands.

Category-based Feed

Amazon assigns relevant category tags to individual posts. This way, customers can explore complementary item content within a specific category.

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