In order to make Amazon Product Detail Page visible to each customer, even those who have no-HTML devices, Amazon decided to stop supporting HTML tags on detail pages.

Amazon Product Detail Page will not show HTML formatting

Don’t worry! This change will be implemented after June 8, 2021. In the meanwhile we strongly suggest you to start revise all your products descriptions and replace HTML formatting parts with those supported. Don’t use HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, or other types of code in your product detail pages. As a special case, you can use line breaks (</br>) as necessary in the description.

It would be a pity, if customers can not read all the informations about your products, therefore decide to go for your competitors’ products, because of technical issue.

It is very important to take this Amazon Update very seriously, because this can compromise your Listings Optimization and, as a consequence, your sales. In fact, one of the best way to increase sales is to optimize and write clear, natural and informative descriptions. Moreover, by giving accurate descriptions of your products, a customer is less likely to give you a bad review for being misleading. 

Update Your Amazon Product Detail Page from Epinium

How many products do you have on your Amazon Account? More than hundred? Five-hundred? Thousands? Do you have to revise as many descritions as the products you have? We know this operation could make you waste a lot of time. We, from Epinium, are already working on offering our clients a faster and more efficient solution for making these changes rapidly.

As, you can see from the image above, we developed a software with which you can manage your Amazon account. By connecting your Seller Central profile with our software, you can write, upload, optimize and modify directly all descritions you want. That is to say you can makemass changes!

Regarding all HTML formatting, with Epinium they will be automatically replaced since we respected all rules pointed out by Amazon. But, as a precaution, our Software Development team is working on a mass HTML codes convertion solution.

It you want to know more about our software, do not hesitate to contact us, or to leave a comment below!

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