Black Friday is a unique opportunity to maximize your sales and gain market share by positioning your products.

We will guide you through strategies to stand out as a seller on Amazon during Black Friday and how to use Amazon advertising to increase the visibility and sales of your products.

With these 3 tips, maximize your sales thanks to the use of AI in these events that require content personalization and offer your product to the right target.

Let’s get started.

Strategies to follow for Black Friday 2023

1.- Optimize your Listings for Black Friday with AI

Once you have identified the products for the Black Friday campaign in order to increase visibility, liquidate stock, drive your store, launch new product lines, etc…

It is essential to optimize your listings according to Amazon’s Retail Readiness guidelines. Make sure your titles, descriptions, bulletpoints, backend search terms and images are attractive and relevant. Use Black Friday-related keywords in your title and description and bullet points to attract shoppers looking for deals during this season as well as customize content based on your target audience.

Given the substantial increase in traffic, from Epinium we give you a series of recommendations to make to convert as much as possible all the traffic that is generated in this period that runs from two weeks prior to black friday to cybermonday and the week after.

Amazon Black Friday SEO Optimization Recommendations

Filter your products that meet all of the following requirements:

  • Products that are in advertising campaigns.
    This event will maximize the visibility of your products, do not limit yourself to optimize only those that sell the most.


  • Products with a conversion rate of less than 2%.
    We must be between 4-7% conversion rate. And moreover, this period, it will extrapolate the data. Therefore it is time to turn it around and be on time.


  • Products that exceed 200 monthly sessions.
    Products that have a solid and constant traffic to maximize, rank more keywords of the same semantics and go scaling the results.

These products are the most sensitive to content optimization. You may come across many ASINs to optimize. And not only this, but replicate it in all the countries where you are selling on Amazon (France, Italy, Germany, UK, USA, etc..).

This task can be done manually or with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Manual: Perform a keyword research for each of the products, classify the keywords according to search volume, write the copy or content, upload it to Amazon to start displaying as soon as possible. This process takes an average of 30 minutes per ASIN.
  • IA: In the SEO Optimization section add the columns: Sessions 30 days, Conversion Rate 30 days and Campaigns. Include the requirements in the filters and optimize the products massively in a matter of seconds for all the countries you have.


Estrategias Black Friday Amazoon FBA

2.- Automation Sponsored Products with Artificial Intelligence

We are facing a busy eve of the event, which can lead to a low conversion rate as users are considering, comparing and evaluating which products they can afford to buy.

With the product cards ready for the big battle now is the time to maximize all the results with budgets, bids and segmentations that bring us a good volume of sales but we must not forget the profitability, and how?

Automating Amazon Ads with Artificial Intelligence: How does AI benefit us in Amazon Ads campaigns?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) for ad optimization on Amazon during Black Friday is advisable for several essential reasons:

  • Efficient Automation: AI can manage and optimize large volumes of ads in real-time, which is crucial during highly competitive and high-traffic events like Black Friday. This allows marketers to respond dynamically to buying trends and changes.
  • Budget Optimization: AI offers the ability to automatically adjust ad bids and budget based on performance and conversion. During Black Friday, when competition for viewability is fierce and costs per click can increase significantly, AI can maintain ad spend efficiency, ensuring that budget is allocated to the best performing ads and conversion opportunities.
  • Enhanced Placements: AI can identify highly specific audience segments and can personalize campaigns to demand and search trends in real time, which is crucial for capturing the attention of shoppers actively seeking deals.

It’s time to apply it with Epinium AI. Migrate campaign by campaign so that they are optimized to the highest level and you can get the highest ROAS possible during the BF, CM period.

Introduce a Target ACOS below yours and maintain or increase the budget with respect to your existing campaign. Let’s fly together.This will give you more control as it is equivalent to having a 24h campaign manager optimizing your campaigns for you.

3.- Manage your Inventory and Logistics

Finally, don’t forget that Black Friday can be a high-traffic event, so be prepared in terms of inventory and logistics. Make sure you have enough stock on hand to meet expected demand and plan your logistics to ensure on-time deliveries.

Start preparing in advance. Make sure your inventory is ready and your offerings are scheduled in advance.

If you are FBA, go to Epinium’s Stock Forecast and make a stock forecast for all markets. With Epinium you will improve product rotation and achieve lower warehousing costs.

Conclusion: Black Friday on Amazon is an exciting season for Amazon FBA sellers. By combining effective strategies to stand out on Amazon during Black Friday with a solid Amazon advertising strategy, you can increase your sales and visibility, which in turn can improve your organic rankings and help you gain greater market share in the long run.

Follow these tips and get ready to make the most of this sales season – good luck!

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