Epinium news in May 2022

These are the 4 new Epinium products in May 2022:

Changes in the graphics of the General View section:

We have changed the graph that was previously in the Overview section that compared Paid traffic with Organic traffic to a new graph that we have called Sales by ads .

With this change, we allow you to see the percentage of sales that have been obtained and broken down by Organic traffic, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. We have also included a new button that allows you to change the view of the graph, putting the data in the currency you need.

Sales percentage
Currency exchange

TACOS graphic in Overview

Another new feature of Epinium in May 2022 has been the incorporation of a new TACOS graph. With it we will be able to consult what we have spent on advertising taking into account the total sales that have been made, whether made organically or achieved through advertising.

Negative Products

In the Campaigns section, specifically when filtering by Ad Groups. From now on you can include Negative Segmented Products by selecting the “Add to Negative Segmentation”. As you can see in the following image:

Segmented Products

One of the latest additions to Epinium in May 2022, is that Segmented Products search terms can now be converted to Segmented Products for an ad group regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

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