Should I sell on Amazon? if this is what you are asking for, the answer is that not selling on Amazon is no longer an option. In this post, we are going to deal with the fact of solving possible conflicts so that nothing prevents you from having a presence on Amazon yes or yes. 

In addition, this situation on whether or not to sell on Amazon has increased due to the current situation caused by Covid-19.

Should you sell on Amazon?

This could be the question that we often come across the most. Many companies often wonder whether or not they should sell their products in this marketplace.      The answer is yes. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world with a product base all over the world and that alone should clarify any doubts.

It is true that other questions arise such as: What if my products are already being sold through third parties, distributors, or clients while I am the owner of my case?     We do not have a single answer, which is good to be able to adapt to the needs of each company. We leave you below with examples of companies that have managed to sell on amazon without this really representing an internal conflict within the company itself.

How to solve conflicts with Amazon?

Sell directly                                       

At first, it is the simplest option. In addition, if your brand still does not have a presence on Amazon, it is much better: Create your own account on Amazon, directly upload the product catalog, and start selling.

But what if the products are already on Amazon with photos and prices not corresponding?  In case this occurs, the best option is still to sell directly. A registered trademark such as yours may require changes to the product sheets even if these have already been uploaded to Amazon by external sellers.                                     

It is certainly a more entertaining job but we could finally improve our listings on Amazon in time. The most advisable thing would undoubtedly be to control the presence of our brand in this marketplace since it could become the company’s main billing channel

Sell ​​with distributors

We may find ourselves having a distributor that controls a large part of our sales. Here we can manage our Amazon account and process the shipment of the merchandise through this distributor. It is a very practical solution to enter other markets in which we can normally have local distributors because it allows us to manage the channel, image, prices, etc.

Sell ​​other EANS or products

Selection of new products. Create this even if it implies that this selection has some other variable with respect to what was found in the original catalog, such as color or format variables. All this can allow us to have this presence on Amazon with the aim of, in addition to responding to demand, to obtain recurrence of purchases in other traditional physical channels or through the company’s own e-commerce.

This option allows you to control the channel at the same time that you are able to boost sales in other channels at the same time.

Not selling on Amazon is NOT an option

The answer is clear, you have to have a presence on Amazon yes or yes. On the contrary, if your company decides not to operate in this marketplace, what will happen is that your customers or distributors will do so, but without the advantages that you could have as your own brand. In addition, you will lose the sales made in this marketplace and you will not have control of what is happening, and may even damage the image of the brand. Remember that Epinium is an international Amazon PPC software dedicated to Amazon to boost our client’s sales from day one!

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