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One of the biggest obstacles for sellers and brands on Amazon is managing their advertising. Are you targeting the right keywords,are you bidding high enough, Are they profitable?

Sometimes the stress of managing and making PPC campaigns profitable isn’t worth it. Or on the other hand, due to lack of knowledge or limitations, you may find yourself stuck in optimizing those campaigns. So what can you do? The solution may be to use software or an advertising agency to effectively manage your Amazon ads, saving you time and money.

We will review different situations:

  • The importance of PPC management
  • The pros and cons of using PPC management software
  • The pros and cons of using an advertising agency
  • The pros and cons of self-management

What is Amazon PPC management?

Amazon PPC management is the process of running, optimizing, and improving your Amazon CPC campaigns. To successfully run advertising campaigns, you must have the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively manage them and ensure that they are profitable.

If you are selling a private label product, for example, marketing the product on Amazon is essential for constant growth and visibility in a highly competitive market.

PPC management is very technical and requires frequent attention to ensure that campaigns are meeting their goals. There are many tasks to be done: setting a daily budget, adjusting keyword bids, choosing the right keywords or goals, monitoring ACOS, eliminating low-performing keywords, and much more.

That’s why many Amazon sellers often opt to hire an agency or use automated PPC software to manage their campaigns.

Let’s review the pros and cons of hiring an agency, using software, and managing campaigns yourself.

Why it’s important to properly manage your Amazon PPC campaigns

The bottom line is that if you’re not properly managing your PPC campaigns on Amazon, you’re losing money.

Although there are other factors that contribute to your success as a seller, such as optimizing your listings and pricing, advertising on Amazon is the only way to control where and when your products appear in search results to potential customers.

Many new sellers start creating a PPC campaign and forget about it, leading to excessive spending or unsustainable performance. The landscape of selling on Amazon is constantly changing.

Even if you consider yourself an expert in Amazon advertising, you may be surprised at how well software or an agency can work.

Pros and cons of using software to manage campaigns

By using software to manage your Amazon ads, you can set parameters such as your target ACOS and the tool will automatically run in the background to ensure you reach those goals.

Using software may be your best option if you are a newbie to advertising or just don’t have the time for it. Set your goals and let the tool do its job. Of course, you should make sure your listings are optimized for conversions and that your products have positive reviews before running ads.

The ad software is constantly learning, so it can help you make campaigns perform at a much higher level than you could do manually.

Advantages ppc IA software

  • AI-powered software automatically optimizes your ads
  • Personalized dashboards to see how each campaign is performing
  • Use your daily budget more efficiently
  • Improve ROAS by testing different strategies
  • Increase the Best Seller Rank of your product
  • Improve ACOS to make your ads profitable
  • A hands-off approach to ad management
  • Can increase your monthly revenue and profits
  • Save time and money on repetitive tasks


  • Without an optimized detail page, there is no guarantee that your product sal

Advertising software such as Epinium, Perpetua or Helium 10 allows marketers to achieve campaign goals with less work and in less time.

The machine learning engine will automatically optimize your campaigns and provide marketers with high-level insights to see how each campaign is performing.

This software is designed to improve ROAS and product visibility on Amazon.

Advantages of using an agency to manage PPC campaigns

By using an Amazon Agency to manage your campaigns, you will receive a more personalized advertising approach than with software.

With an agency, you will likely have an account manager that you can contact whenever you feel necessary to review your campaign performance.

An ad agency allows you to have your PPC managed by industry experts, so you don’t have to worry about doing the same thing.

Most of the time, ad agencies will use ad software to run your campaigns while they handle the strategy.

There are many daily optimization tasks that an algorithm can perform more efficiently than a human and do it this way for all accounts. So, the best of both worlds.

Advantages Amazon Agency:

  • Let an advertising expert manage your campaigns for you
  • Complete management of your advertising campaigns, including keyword research
  • Discuss strategy with your account manager
  • Test different strategies and campaign types


  • High monthly costs
  • Many advertising agencies require high daily budgets.
  • Many use the same software to manage your campaigns that you might use yourself.

Pros and cons of managing your own PPC campaigns on Amazon

Managing your own PPC campaigns on Amazon is certainly doable if you put in the time and effort to learn all you can about Amazon advertising.

Amazon makes it relatively easy to set up campaigns – you just need the know-how to manage them properly. Most new Amazon sellers start out managing their own campaigns, so it’s not impossible!

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Should you use an agency or software to manage your Amazon PPC?

Whether you use an agency, software or manage the ads yourself, it’s up to you!

If you think your Amazon business is growing and you need to free up some time, using ad software or an agency can be a good place to start. Many brands with an already advanced track record hire ppc automation software to optimize their bids and be as efficient as possible while turning to an agency to employ the strategy to be carried out.

Let the experts manage your ad campaigns so you can focus your efforts on other aspects of your Amazon business.

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