ai for amazon sellers

AI for Amazon Sellers: Transform your business with smart tools

AI for Amazon Sellers: Revolutionising Your Business Introduction What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. These systems are designed to think, learn, and solve problems autonomously, making them invaluable in various industries, including e-commerce. AI encompasses various technologies such as

prime day

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

Introduction Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, offering brands and sellers a prime (pun intended) opportunity to boost sales, increase brand visibility, and attract new customers. Effective preparation is crucial to make the most out of this event. In this guide, we’ll walk

Amazon CTR

Unveiling the secrets of Amazon CTR: A must-read for every seller

Introduction Navigating the Amazon marketplace requires more than just a great product; understanding your Click Through Rate (CTR) is crucial to capturing buyer attention and driving sales. This post will explore what Amazon CTR is, why it matters, and how you can optimize it to enhance your performance and competitiveness

launch amazon product

Amazon Product Launch strategies for rank to 1st page

Introduction to launching Amazon products When you decide to launch an Amazon product, it’s not just about hitting ‘publish’ and crossing your fingers; it involves a carefully crafted strategy that can greatly impact your success on this huge platform. What does it mean to launch an Amazon product? To launch

amazon fba calculator

Unlocking profit potential with Amazon FBA Estimator tools in 2024

Introduction to Amazon FBA tools As an Amazon seller, understanding how to effectively utilize Amazon FBA Calculator tools is crucial to your success. These tools are not just about number crunching; they’re about strategically managing your business to maximize profits. This post will explore key tools and strategies that can

seller fulfilled prime

Seller Fulfilled Prime: Boost your Amazon sales without FBA

Introduction to Seller Fulfilled Prime What does Seller Fulfilled Prime mean? Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) lets you, the seller, offer the Prime badge on your listings without needing to go through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Here’s what you need to know: Direct Control: You manage your own shipping and

amazon prime video ads

Amazon Prime Video Ads: Captivate Your Audience in the New Era of Streaming

Dive into Prime Video’s latest advertising innovations Stepping out of Amazon Ads’ latest update, we’ve distilled essential insights for Spain’s bustling Prime Video market. Starting April 9, a novel ad format rolls out, poised to smartly segment and engage the platform’s 11-million-strong viewership. Forget the traditional ad playbook; Amazon is

Amazon Listings

Enhancing Market Presence: Strategic Amazon Listing

The pivotal role of Amazon Listings in the digital marketplace In the vast ocean of the digital marketplace, Amazon stands as a towering lighthouse, guiding millions of consumers to the products they seek. At the heart of this bustling online bazaar are Amazon Listings, the fundamental building blocks that enable

optimizing amazon listings

Optimizing Amazon Listings: Unlocking the Potential of Listing Builder

In the bustling marketplace of Amazon, standing out is both an art and a science. With millions of products vying for attention, optimizing your Amazon listings is not just beneficial; it’s essential. Through this journey, we’ll explore the transformative power of the Listing Builder and how it can elevate your

AIgency: The Future of Marketing

AIgency: Revolutionizing Marketing with AI Integration Do you know which are the top AIgencies on Amazon? In this article, we showcase the top 13 AIgencies from around the world. Introduction to AIgencies: The Future of Marketing The rise of AIgencies is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape. These agencies, which integrate

Amazon Seller Updates 2023

2023: A Revolutionary Year at Amazon – Discoveries and Advances     Introduction 2023 has been an unprecedented year for Amazon sellers, marked by significant innovations and updates on the platform. These improvements have been focused on enriching software productivity, optimizing the customer experience, and strengthening relationships between sellers and

Updates Amazon Seller

Discoveries and Updates on Amazon Seller and Vendor     February: Renewed Strategies and Success Five-Step Framework for Boosting Sales on Amazon: Introduction of a strategic approach designed to improve sellers’ positioning on the platform and boost their sales. Amazon User Interface Update: New functionality that allows sellers to review

Amazon FBA Success Strategies and Advertising for Black Friday

Black Friday is a unique opportunity to maximize your sales and gain market share by positioning your products. We will guide you through strategies to stand out as a seller on Amazon during Black Friday and how to use Amazon advertising to increase the visibility and sales of your products.

A to Z Guarantee on Amazon

A to Z Guarantee on Amazon. Keys for Sellers!

The A to Z Guarantee on Amazon is a resource that buyers can use when their shopping experience does not meet their expectations and they are unable to reach a direct resolution with the seller. In these situations, customers have the option to file a complaint directly with Amazon, who

Amazon Retail Media

Amazon Retail Media: How to boost your sales on Amazon?

With millions of users and a growing catalogue of products, Amazon is an ideal platform for sellers looking to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. However, with so much competition, standing out on Amazon can be a challenge.   What is Amazon Retail media? This is where Amazon

Amazon Brand Analytics - Guide 2023

How to use Amazon Brand Analytics – 2023 Guide

Understanding your customers is key to success. That’s why Amazon provides sellers with an invaluable tool: Amazon Brand Analytics. What is Amazon Brand Analytics Tool? Amazon Brand Analytics is an essential tool for any third-party seller participating in the Amazon Brand Registry programme. This tool provides valuable information about customer

Amazon lidera el dominio publicitario con impresionante crecimiento frente a eBay y Alibaba

Amazon’s advertising business leads over rivals eBay and Alibaba

Amazon’s impressive track record in the advertising world Amazon has experienced a meteoric rise in the advertising business over the past eight years. If we compare the annual advertising costs of the big three players – Amazon, eBay and Alibaba – between 2014 and 2022, Amazon stands out as the

Banco Sabadell y LLYC entran en Epinium

Banco Sabadell and LLYC Venturing enter Epinium, Amazon’s AI software firm for sellers

The software company Epinium, based in Mataró, which helps brands and agencies with sales on Amazon to improve their results with artificial intelligence, has closed a €500,000 round with the participation of Banco Sabadell through BStartup. The operation has been led by LLYC Venturing, and also has the participation of

Amazon Belgica

Amazon Belgium, new logistics center

Amazon Belgium will open a new logistics center in Antwerp at the end of this year, allowing European sellers to increase their sales and quickly reach millions of customers. With the opening of this new logistics center, Amazon Belgium shows a clear commitment to improving compliance and reducing waiting times.

How to Do an Amazon Seller Competitor Analysis

With thousands and thousands of sellers active on this Marketplace, it is important to know what are your competitors and what are they doing in order to get ahead and be successful. This means, you have to know how to do an Amazon seller competitor analysis in order to find

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