Amazon FBA Success Strategies and Advertising for Black Friday

Black Friday is a unique opportunity to maximize your sales and gain market share by positioning your products. We will guide you through strategies to stand out as a seller on Amazon during Black Friday and how to use Amazon advertising to increase the visibility and sales of your products.

A to Z Guarantee on Amazon

A to Z Guarantee on Amazon. Keys for Sellers!

The A to Z Guarantee on Amazon is a resource that buyers can use when their shopping experience does not meet their expectations and they are unable to reach a direct resolution with the seller. In these situations, customers have the option to file a complaint directly with Amazon, who

Amazon Retail Media

Amazon Retail Media: How to boost your sales on Amazon?

With millions of users and a growing catalogue of products, Amazon is an ideal platform for sellers looking to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. However, with so much competition, standing out on Amazon can be a challenge.   What is Amazon Retail media? This is where Amazon

Amazon Brand Analytics - Guide 2023

How to use Amazon Brand Analytics – 2023 Guide

Understanding your customers is key to success. That’s why Amazon provides sellers with an invaluable tool: Amazon Brand Analytics. What is Amazon Brand Analytics Tool? Amazon Brand Analytics is an essential tool for any third-party seller participating in the Amazon Brand Registry programme. This tool provides valuable information about customer

Amazon lidera el dominio publicitario con impresionante crecimiento frente a eBay y Alibaba

Amazon’s advertising business leads over rivals eBay and Alibaba

Amazon’s impressive track record in the advertising world Amazon has experienced a meteoric rise in the advertising business over the past eight years. If we compare the annual advertising costs of the big three players – Amazon, eBay and Alibaba – between 2014 and 2022, Amazon stands out as the

Banco Sabadell y LLYC entran en Epinium

Banco Sabadell and LLYC Venturing enter Epinium, Amazon’s AI software firm for sellers

The software company Epinium, based in Mataró, which helps brands and agencies with sales on Amazon to improve their results with artificial intelligence, has closed a €500,000 round with the participation of Banco Sabadell through BStartup. The operation has been led by LLYC Venturing, and also has the participation of

Amazon Belgica

Amazon Belgium, new logistics center

Amazon Belgium will open a new logistics center in Antwerp at the end of this year, allowing European sellers to increase their sales and quickly reach millions of customers. With the opening of this new logistics center, Amazon Belgium shows a clear commitment to improving compliance and reducing waiting times.

How to Do an Amazon Seller Competitor Analysis

With thousands and thousands of sellers active on this Marketplace, it is important to know what are your competitors and what are they doing in order to get ahead and be successful. This means, you have to know how to do an Amazon seller competitor analysis in order to find

How to Work with Amazon Backend Keywords

Amazon backend keywords are keywords you can't use in your product title or description because they don't make sense in the sentence or because you have reached the maximum amount of characters you can tape, or because of many other reasons. These type of keywords are hidden to customers who

Amazon SPN | Connect with Amazon service providers

Amazon created an Amazon Service Providers Network (Amazon SPN) to connect both companies that know the world of Amazon very well and the strategies to get the most out of an account and sellers who want to make the most of it.

Epinium Tool – Version 1.5.3 – Usability Improvements

As always, we want you to know about the improvements we make to our tool; Thanks to a teamwork between developers and users, our tool reflects even more the needs of Amazon sellers.

Finally, Sellers Can Answer to Negative Reviews on Amazon

"We’re now offering a brand-only benefit that allows you to reach out to buyers who purchased your branded product directly from you, who left critical (1-3 star reviews) via templated emails that allow you to communicate with buyers via buyer-seller messaging."

What Are Amazon Sellers Aggregators and How To Be Aquired?

The last phenomenon happend in the company acquisitions world is "The Amazon Seller Acquisition companies". This is not quite a new kind of business, but it developed in the past few years till boosting a lot in 2020.

excess inventory management

How can you manage correctly your Inventory Brexit?

We already know that Brexit has caused quite a bit of caos, but as every time some situations change, the important thing is to search and find a solution. At Amazon, for example, they have revised the inventory management to be able to separately manage inventory for UK and to

New Epinium Software | Version 1.5

Last week our Software Development team worked hard to bring improvement in our Advertising Analytics section and in our Dashbord, in the part referred to the selection of Marketplace.

Amazon’s Climate Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Being one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world, leads to a greater responsibility towards society, the environment and the economy. Above all, Amazon has taken a position to safeguard the planet, through operations in favor of environmental sustainability.

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is the new social media build up by Amazon for Amazon vendors. The service is a chance for brands to have a new avenue to spread the word about their products and brand story.

The Data Breach Has Revealed Amazon Fake Reviews

A recent data breach has exposed a widespread scam involving fake reviews on Amazon. The fact has revealed that more than 200,000 people are involved in unethical activities in the online retails industry; they are providing fake reviews in exchange for free products.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Metrics to Track on Amazon

Why is it important to know which digital marketing metrics to track on Amazon? Marketing metrics give you a clue of whether your campaign is reaching the KPIs established before, or not

Epinium: Campaign Optimization Tool

Recently we asked you to let us know what is the most important tool to manage your Amazon Account, from your perspective. What emerged from this poll was: Campaign Optimization tool.