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2023 has been an unprecedented year for Amazon sellers, marked by significant innovations and updates on the platform. These improvements have been focused on enriching software productivity, optimizing the customer experience, and strengthening relationships between sellers and buyers. Below, we will explore some of the most outstanding Amazon Seller updates that have made a difference this year.

Amazon Seller Updates in 2024

June: Amazon Innovations & Seller Enhancements

  • Amazon launches Project P.I. to detect product damage: Utilizing generative AI and computer vision to reduce returns and carbon emissions, and plans to release a new version of Alexa this year.

  • Amazon expands Prime Air after FAA approval: Allowing drone deliveries in College Station, Texas, with BVLOS technology. Aiming to deliver 500 million packages annually by the end of the decade.

  • New advertising option on Amazon for sellers: Amazon allows targeting ads to audiences similar to Subscribe & Save, ideal for sellers of supplements and household products. Ensure high-quality product listings to maximize benefits.
  • Generative AI will transform marketing and sales: With personalized videos and multimedia experiences, merging marketing and sales through virtual agents. E-commerce brands adopting this technology will lead the market.

  • Amazon updates FBA return policy: Allows sellers to control return evaluations for specific SKUs, minimizing suspension risks and optimizing processes. This improvement addresses sellers’ needs to enhance their operational experience.
  • Amazon expands A-to-Z Guarantee in Spain: Starting in May 2024, Amazon will include claims for property damage or personal injury caused by defective products in its A-to-Z Guarantee, directly managing the process and using advanced fraud detection systems.

  • Amazon takes action against low-quality listings: Implements a pop-up in the ad console to alert about deficient listings, improving the shopping experience and marketplace quality. Optimize your listings if you see this notice.

  • Amazon takes action against low-quality listings: Implements a pop-up in the ad console to alert about deficient listings, improving the shopping experience and marketplace quality. Optimize your listings if you see this notice.
  • Prime Day 2024: Prime Membership Benefits and Promotions: July is the ideal time to sign up for Prime and enjoy fast deliveries, savings, entertainment, and 24/7 customer service. There are discounts for students and government assistance recipients.

  • New Amazon fees drive use of its own logistics: Introduces new fees to encourage the use of its global logistics and 3PL solutions, pressuring sellers and limiting the effectiveness of third-party carriers and delivery companies.
  • Amazon adopts “zero errors” policy: Since January, Amazon requires immediate proof of solutions for non-compliance, eliminating Plans of Action (PoA) due to AI-generated falsifications.
  • Amazon defines “top of search” for ads: Classifies the first four ad spaces on a search page as “top of search,” ideal for ASIN-targeted ads, though it could cannibalize other sponsored product ads.
  • Apple revamps Siri with advanced AI: Plans to enhance Siri with advanced artificial intelligence, allowing control of individual app functions by voice, highlighting its renewed push towards AI.

  • Amazon deals affect PPC conversion rates: Amazon deals can reduce PPC conversions by attracting less qualified traffic. It is crucial to monitor performance and adjust budgets to maintain profits.
  • Amazon launches Ad Relevance for cookie-free targeting: Introducing Ad Relevance, an advertising tool that uses machine learning to define audiences without third-party cookies, based on browsing and behavior signals on its properties.

  • Amazon invests $230 million in generative AI startups: Offering AWS credits, mentorship, and education, boosting the AWS Generative AI Accelerator program, and providing up to $1 million in credits to 80 standout startups.

  • Amazon uses AI to detect defective products with Project PI: Utilizing computer vision to identify defective products before shipping, improving customer experience, and reducing returns and carbon emissions.

  • AI revolutionizes ecommerce and Amazon: Improving efficiency and reducing costs for sellers. Although only 7.1% of seed capital was allocated to consumer startups last year, now is the ideal time to invest in this sector and not fall behind in the consumer renaissance.
  • Amazon launches AI tools to enhance ads: Creating attractive ad images, increasing campaign effectiveness and sales. The Image Generator, launched last fall, has increased campaign presentations by 20% and gross sales by 5%.

  • Voice AI will revolutionize ecommerce interaction: Transforming how brands and Amazon sellers interact with customers, improving support, enabling voice purchases, and offering personalized experiences, optimizing operations without large call centers.

  • Amazon’s Project Kuiper to bring broadband to underserved communities: Providing fast and affordable internet via low Earth orbit satellites, connecting users worldwide, including schools and hospitals. Commercial service will begin in 2025.

  • Broad match update affects Sponsored Products ads: Amazon has changed how broad matches work, causing performance issues with irrelevant terms. Lower your bids, review search term reports, and add negative keywords to mitigate the impact. 

May: Current Trends in Technology and Ecommerce

  • Maximize Your Brand Performance on Amazon: Use Brand Metrics to obtain key data at each stage of the sales funnel and compare yourself to competitors, thus continually improving your performance.
  • Optimize Your Amazon Store to Increase Sales: Take advantage of this direct competition-free space to improve conversion and increase the average value of orders, as well as enhancing your brand’s visibility on Google.
  • New Amazon Inventory Policy: Fee exemption for products selling fewer than 20 units per week until May 2024, including events like Prime Day.
  • New Amazon Ads Tool Expands Opportunities: With a ROAS of up to 20, it enables direct purchases from social media and strengthens connections with influencers, facing the competition from emerging platforms.
  • Amazon Launches AI Chatbot for Businesses: Amazon Q and its extensions improve labor efficiency with automation and data analysis, increasing productivity by up to 80%.
  • Meta Integrates AI into Facebook and Instagram: New AI search bar offers recommendations and image creation, but raises concerns about privacy and user acceptance.
  • Amazon Ads Expands AI Tool for Images: Now available to Sponsored Display advertisers in various regions, allowing the creation of personalized visual content without additional costs.
  • TikTok Tests AI-Generated Influencers for Ecommerce: New feature allows brands to use AI-generated influencers in videos and live streams, potentially increasing sales but requiring careful testing.
  • Educational Transformation with AI: OpenAI introduces the GPT Group-4o model, offering real-time, personalised learning that adapts to the individual learner’s learning style, enhancing interactivity and enjoyment of learning.

  • New Amazon Quality Verification: Introduces assessments during campaign setup to ensure product listings meet advertising standards, optimising ad performance.
  • Amazon AI Advertising Recommendations: Use proprietary data to provide strategic conversion rate comparisons, helping sellers make more informed decisions.
  • Amazon Strengthens Video Advertising: Introduces formats such as vertical video and expands its inventory, testing video in key search locations, highlighting the importance of investing in video content to stay competitive.
  • Importance of the Buy Box on Amazon: A space that increases visibility and sales, requiring sellers to meet price, availability and customer service criteria to qualify.

  • Amazon Expands Reach in South Africa: Launches Amazon.co.za, offering consumers access to local and international products, with enhanced services such as same-day delivery and order tracking via WhatsApp.

  • Amazon Enhances the Shopping Experience: Introduces a feature that displays customer ratings below key product points, facilitating quick purchasing decisions and boosting sales of well-rated items.
  • Amazon implements a fee for low inventory levels: Starting April 1, 2024, Amazon will apply a fee for low inventory levels, with exceptions for products with fewer than 20 weekly sales and during Prime Day 2024.

  • Improve your CTR on Amazon by updating the main image: Add keywords, accessories, and product details to increase sales and compete effectively on Amazon.
  • Sponsored product ads on Amazon: Ads at the top of search results have reduced their cost and improved their performance by 39% annually, making it crucial to optimize them to maximize benefits.

  • Take advantage of Prime Day to increase sales: Prime Day is ideal for clearing out inventory, attracting new customers, and improving your product visibility. Submit your offers before May 24, 2024.
  • Expand your business in Europe: With 200M active users and 250M potential customers, Europe offers a great opportunity for Amazon sellers, with comprehensive support and significant discounts.
  • New return fee on Amazon: Starting June 1, 2024, a return processing fee will be implemented for products with high return rates, excluding clothing and shoes.
  • Amazon Ads will require images in Sponsored Brands ads: Starting May 31, ads must include up to 5 images to improve visibility and impact, adapting to this new requirement to maintain effectiveness.
  • Amazon lanza Project P.I. para detectar daños en productos: Utilizando IA generativa y visión computarizada para reducir devoluciones y emisiones de carbono, y planea una nueva versión de Alexa este año.
  • Amazon expande Prime Air tras aprobación de la FAA: Permitiendo entregas con drones en College Station, Texas, con tecnología BVLOS. Aspira a entregar 500 millones de paquetes anualmente para finales de la década.
  • Nueva opción publicitaria en Amazon para vendedores: Amazon permite dirigir publicidad a audiencias similares a las de Subscribe & Save, ideal para vendedores de suplementos y productos para el hogar. Asegúrate de tener listados de productos de alta calidad para maximizar los beneficios.
  • La IA generativa transformará el marketing y ventas: Con videos personalizados y experiencias multimedia, fusionando marketing y ventas a través de agentes virtuales. Las marcas de comercio electrónico que adopten esta tecnología liderarán el mercado.
  • Amazon actualiza política de devoluciones de FBA: Permite a los vendedores controlar evaluaciones de devoluciones para SKUs específicos, minimizando riesgos de suspensiones y optimizando procesos. Esta mejora responde a las necesidades de los vendedores para mejorar su experiencia operativa.
  • Amazon amplía la Garantía de la A a la Z en España: A partir de mayo de 2024, Amazon incluirá reclamaciones por daños materiales o personales causados por productos defectuosos en su Garantía de la A a la Z, gestionando directamente el proceso y utilizando sistemas avanzados de detección de fraude.

April: Boost Your Online Presence

  • Improve Your Amazon Reviews: Active strategy to get positive reviews and stand out from the competition.
  • Stand out on Amazon with your Unique Brand: Optimise SEO, engage with customers and highlight your USP to shine in the catalogue and differentiate yourself.
  • Revolutionary Breakthrough: DALL-E image editing comes to ChatGPT, setting a milestone in digital creativity and offering powerful tools for all users. Ready to explore this new horizon?
  • New Ad Campaign Tool: Transform your campaigns by efficiently adding keywords from broad to exact match in just a few clicks.
  • Social Media and In-App Shopping Integration: Trigger direct purchases from social media with a single click in the app, simplifying and revolutionising your online shopping experience.
  • Keys to Optimize PPC Campaigns: Separate campaigns by product line and move successful keywords to more specific matches, keeping the original ones intact.
  • Effective Strategies for Amazon Campaigns: Use broad and phrase match to adapt quickly to changes on Amazon, while exact match requires constant SQP analysis.
  • Prioritizing Mobile Optimization for Amazon: Analyze traffic and optimize for mobile if mobile is prevalent, avoiding missing key conversions.
  • Mobile vs. Desktop Optimization at Amazon: Prioritize tailoring your listings for mobile, where most of your traffic comes from, to improve the shopping experience.
  • Amazon and Generative AI: Amazon CEO Andy Jassy highlights generative artificial intelligence as key to the future, with AWS driving innovative applications and cost optimization.
  • Amazon One: Innovation in Biometric Payments: Amazon expands its Amazon One payment system, enabling palm payments through an app that facilitates biometric enrolment and verification.

  • Key Updates to Amazon Search Terms: Recent updates enable broad match and phrase match campaigns, crucial to staying competitive in Amazon’s dynamic environment.
  • New Amazon Ad Format: “Flashing Skyscraper”: Amazon tests a new ad format on its product detail pages, highlighting information about reviews and offers three times to more effectively capture consumer attention.
  • Amazon Against Fake Reviews: Dismantled fraudulent scheme in Spain, known as “Free Products”, offered refunds for 5-star reviews on Telegram. Global effort to ensure authenticity and trust in the platform, through investments in technology and experts.
  • Amazon lowers referral fees: To 8.24% for clothing and accessories under €15 from 15 May, allowing for a wider catalogue at lower prices.
  • Innovative Amazon Launch: Launches AI Image Generator, facilitating fast, customised image creation for advertising campaigns.

  • Amazon Optimization: Improving CTR can double orders, with lead image and title being key areas for experimentation and upselling
  • Amazon Shopping Innovation: Launched an interactive channel on Prime Video and Amazon Freevee in the US, allowing users to shop while watching content, with ‘shop the show’ technology for an integrated and entertaining shopping experience.

  • New Amazon FBA Badge: Launched ‘Recommended’ to identify products ideal for Fulfillment by Amazon, helping to improve sales performance.
  • Strategies for Launching Products on Amazon: Use tools like Epinium to optimize keywords and stand out with compelling images and descriptions. Take advantage of the Vine Programe and use discounts and influencers to maximize visibility and sales.
  • New Amazon Logistics Centre in A Coruña: Announced opening in September in Cambre, with more than 7,000 m² to improve local shipments and create 40 direct jobs, in addition to collaborating with local delivery companies, expanding its expansion in Spain.

March: Major Shifts & Seller Boosts

  • Game changer with new fees for services: Amazon introduces fees for services in FBA, potentially increasing sellers costs by $10 million, what are these services?
    • Removal and Disposal Fees: There has been an increase in fees due to the rise in service costs.
    • Amazon FBA Prep Service Fees: An increase in fees for the FBA label service and opaque bagging service for envelopes, parcels, and standard-size units.
    • U.S. Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Fees: Adjustments in U.S. MCF fees and size tiers with an average increase of 3.5% across all delivery speed options.
    • Aged Inventory Overcharge: Increase for inventory stored between 271 and 365 days.
    • Inbound Placement Service Fees: For standard and large oversized size, there has been an increase in fees per unit.
    • Inbound Defect Fees: Additional costs for misrouted shipments, late arrivals, and multiple destination discrepancies.
    • FBA Returns Processing Fee: Starting June 1, 2024, the fee will be applied to products with the highest return rates, excluding clothing and footwear, to address operational costs and reduce waste.
    • Storage Utilization Surcharge: Applied to professional sellers exceeding a storage utilization ratio of more than 22 weeks.
  • Amazon’s new “Buy Again” button: Simplifies repeat purchases and highlights with updated product images.
  • Amazon Doubles Backend Keywords: Now allows up to 500 characters, improving SEO and visibility. In Epinium, we will equip you to excel with this change.
  • Boost your Amazon launches: As of 1 March 2024, the FBA New Selection program offers increased rebates and free storage, making it easier to launch new products on Amazon.
  • Listing Optimization: Optimize title, price, photo and highlights in Amazon listings to increase profits without investing more in advertising; key to maximizing revenue.
  • Update 12 March 2024: 5%-50% discount range, sales history required, lower promotional prices; adapt strategies to take advantage of promotions.
  • TikTok Shop breakthrough: Revolutionize social shopping and highlight importance of branding and quality content; essential to adapt strategies to drive traffic to Amazon.
  • Amazon Prime Day: Registration open, increase sales. Until 17/05.
  • Amazon, New Coupon Policy: Changes for sellers and marketers. Require offers under 90-day average price and above the most recent. More strategic and focused strategies.
  • Amazon Refunds, How to Claim: Guide to claims for lost or undelivered shipments. Recover funds for errors or scams.
  • Keywords in Images, Increase CTR: Improve visibility and clicks on Amazon. A change with a big impact.

February: Renewed Strategies and Success

  • Keyword Character Limit Expansion: Amazon increases the character limit to 500 for backend keywords in the U.S., promising to improve SEO and organic ranking of listings, with plans to expand to Europe.
  • New Mobile Video Functionality: Introduces the ability to expand videos directly into search results on mobile devices, highlighting the importance of including visual content in listings.
  • Ad Revenue Growth: Reports a 27% increase in ad revenue, surpassing $14 billion, indicating a solid recovery in digital advertising and opportunities for marketers.
  • Introducing Digital Shopping Advisor on Amazon Brandstore: This tool helps customers make more informed buying decisions, streamlining the process and reducing returns, benefiting both sellers and buyers.
  • Empowering Brands with Amazon Posts: Sellers can leverage 1.2 million free impressions to improve visibility and engagement with customers, using AI to efficiently create content.
  • Specific Images per Product Page Requirement: Amazon now requires three specific images per product page, a move that could increase sellers’ revenue by at least 10%.

  • 5-Step Framework for Boosting Sales on Amazon: Introducing a strategic approach designed to improve sellers’ position on the platform and boost their sales.
  • Amazon User Interface Update: New functionality that allows sellers to review how their products align with search terms, improving marketing strategy and expanding product reach.
  • Amazon Selling Tip: Including people in product images increases trust and conversions by providing a size and usage reference. Improve your listing with this simple change to see transformed results.
  • Optimise your Amazon Branded Store: A finely tuned shop attracts more visitors, increases order size and provides key data for growth. Stand out on Google, connect with followers and promote new products to boost your brand.
  • New Amazon Test: Secondary images are now displayed directly on the front page of listings, improving the chances of conversion. Take advantage of this opportunity to highlight your products and increase sales.
  • Amazon SEO tips: Optimise your strategy from title to A+ content to increase visibility. Pay attention to key areas such as title, search terms and brand storytelling for maximum SEO impact.
  • Revolutionary Sora Tech: Sora transforms written stories into 60-second, emotionally rich videos, redefining digital storytelling and creative possibilities.
  • New Amazon Ads API update: A dashboard that optimises your ads, allowing you to monitor performance by product type and region, all from a single platform, essential for improving the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

  • Updated Coupon Panel: Offers unprecedented personalisation and targeting, with options such as audience-specific coupons and retargeting coupons. Adapting quickly to these innovations is crucial to seize opportunities to improve customer retention and increase sales.
  • Amazon Search Revolution: Choose product variations from search, improving the shopping experience and listing visibility.
  • From Posts to Branded Ads: Transform successful content into one-click advertising campaigns. Maximising organic engagement on Amazon.
  • New Category Insights: Analysis of trends and popular keywords to refine strategies and improve visibility on Amazon.
  • Updated Sponsored Brands on Amazon: Incorporating video and vertical images to better connect with mobile users and significantly increase CTR.

January: Digital Transformation and Strategic Advances

  • Innovation in feedback-based tools for listing optimization and financial forecasting: Amazon uses user feedback to refine product listings and provide more accurate financial forecasts.
  • Expansion of backend keyword limit to 500 bytes for detailed descriptions: Amazon now allows more keyword space in the backend, improving product description and search.
  • Introduction of “Search this page” feature to facilitate instant customer searches: Improves customer experience with a feature that simplifies finding specific products on a page.
  • Adjust advertising strategies based on daily variability to maximize viewability: Advises modifying ad campaigns based on time of day to increase ad effectiveness.
  • Focus on mobile optimization with clear images, attractive titles and quality A+ content: Stresses the importance of optimizing listings for mobile devices with high-quality visual and textual content.
  • Amazon’s use of AI to detect fake reviews, ensuring trustworthiness: Amazon employs artificial intelligence to identify and eliminate fraudulent reviews, protecting the integrity of reviews.
  • Amazon and Walmart’s “Keep It” policies revolutionize returns management, affecting costs and sellers: These policies allow customers to keep products from select returns, reducing logistics costs and affecting seller dynamics.
  • Investing in Amazon branded stores as a strategy to increase revenue by at least 10%: Creating and optimizing branded stores on Amazon can mean a considerable increase in revenue for sellers.
  • TikTok Shop challenge: opportunity for Amazon sellers to explore new markets with creative content: Amazon sellers can use TikTok Shop to reach new customers, creating engaging content and generating sales with positive ROI.
  • Launch of AI Shopping Assistant by Amazon, enhancing customer-product interaction through advanced technology: Amazon introduces an AI-based shopping assistant to answer product queries, enriching the shopping experience with cutting-edge technology.

Amazon Seller Updates in 2023

December: Creativity and Globalization

  • Improvement in offer recommendations in Sponsored Display.
  • Overlapping audiences to identify new and similar audiences.
  • Support for guaranteed programmatic deals in Magnite Streaming.
  • Launch of Amazon Video Builder to promote multiple products in a single video ad.
  • Automatic headline localization for sponsored brand campaigns.
  • Language translations for custom Sponsored Display creatives.

November: Visual Enhancements and Analysis

  • New standard visualization in Amazon DSP to upload multiple image assets in 3 types of creatives.
  • Budget scheduling based on time of day in sponsored ads.
  • Replacement of 360-degree images with 3D models.
  • Relaunch of the B2B Product Opportunities page.
  • New customer loyalty analysis panel.

October: Advertising Innovation

  • Introduction of Sponsored TV with no minimum spend.
  • Expansion of sponsored products to premium apps and websites in the US.
  • Availability of Amazon Brand Lift in France.
  • Launch of AI-generated image generator for sponsored brands (beta).
  • Page view metrics and Amazon Ads Multichannel Planner.
  • Availability of Creative Testing (beta) and Audience Research (beta) in Canada, Germany, and the UK.
  • Goal-based offers in Amazon DSP.
  • New features in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and Amazon Publisher Cloud (APC).
  • Interactive audio ads.

September: Delivery Solutions and Metrics

  • Delivery troubleshooting solution for all self-service customers, including Open Exchange Inventory.
  • Launch of Amazon Attribution Re-marketing for audiences targeted from external advertising traffic to Amazon.
  • Conversion of currency metrics for sponsored ads from any country.
  • New delivery metrics: delivery risk and budget at risk.
  • Adding 3D content to product listings to increase conversions.
  • ASIN performance comparison for brands.
  • Sales trends on specific product listings.

August: Discounts, Attributes, and AI-Generated Content

  • Percentage-based discounts through Manage Your Customer Engagement.
  • Expansion of Sponsored Brands signals in Amazon Marketing Stream globally.
  • Requirements for 274 new attributes for 200 product types in listings starting from August.
  • Deactivation of return reviews and AI-generated content generator for product descriptions.
  • Line item moderation to verify line item settings.
  • Creation of video campaigns where your brand store is the landing page.

July: Personalized Promotions and Report Repository

  • Creation of custom brand promotions.
  • Report repository in Payments for requesting date range reports and tracking.
  • Launch of sponsored product campaigns with preset configurations.
  • Introduction of a self-registration assistant for Fire TV.

June: Simplified Training and Publishing

  • Free certification in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for analytics professionals, with a 6-week course.
  • Ability to create and manage posts directly in the Amazon Ads console without requiring an active store.
  • Measurement of brand marketing impact through Amazon Brand Lift for Canadian advertisers.
  • Improvements in reach and frequency measurements in Amazon DSP, including audience measurements without duplicates.
  • Integration of an inventory overview in the Amazon Logistics panel.
  • Removal of the requirement to be a registered brand to add videos to listings after 3 months of selling on Amazon.

May: Audience Expansion and Measurement

  • You can activate and create custom audiences in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) using SQL queries for Amazon DSP campaigns.
  • A new feature has been introduced in the store info panel that allows detailed tracking of metrics such as views, clicks, add to cart, conversions, and purchases at the product level.
  • Amazon Ads podcast ads are now available in the UK through Amazon DSP. The availability of Sponsored Display audiences has been expanded for advertisers in Belgium.
  • A beta feature called «Brand Impression Share» has been launched, showing the percentage of impressions received in search for your brand terms over time.
  • Amazon has updated its daily budget policy for Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display, allowing spending up to 100% higher than the average daily budget on a given day.
  • The most recent status information for Amazon Ads services, such as campaign creation, management, and ad delivery, is now available in Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP.
  • New on-demand learning content has been launched in Amazon Marketing Cloud.

April: Unifying and Empowering Advertising Strategies

  • April brought us the Amazon Ad Server, merging visual experiences and connecting advertisers with advanced advertising solutions. Unified advertising management across different countries and the expansion of designated market areas illustrate Amazon’s effort to provide tools that support business growth and expansion on its platform.

March: Expanding Frontiers and Enhancing the Experience

  • Expansion of error alerts in Amazon DSP and launch of screen ads on Fire TV in several European countries.
  • Updates in order number visibility on product pages and adjustments to FBA inventory assessment.

February: Refining Advertising Strategy

  • New capabilities to recreate Sponsored Display campaigns with campaign copy
  • Enhancements in creative building with step-by-step controls, and unification of omnichannel metrics in Amazon DSP.

Final Reflections and a Look to the Future

The review of Amazon Seller updates in 2023 shows us a platform in constant evolution, always striving to improve the user experience and optimize results for sellers. The improvements on the platform have not only made it easier to manage and analyze advertising campaigns but have also opened new avenues for creativity and customization in e-commerce.

We wonder, what will 2024 bring? If this year has been indicative of anything, it is Amazon’s ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of its vast user ecosystem. We eagerly await the next surprises that Amazon has in store, always with the certainty that they will be designed to further drive success and satisfaction within its platform.

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