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We will see how to optimize Amazon titles for SEO throughout this article, but know let’s have a look at what it an Amazon title

Amazon title is essentially your first and most valuable search field and the key to Rank Products on Page 1

After analyzing how Amazon SEO works in a general way, let’s focus in one of the main points, the Amazon title.

How to optimize Amazon titles for SEO:

Your product title along with the thumbnail image is the first information customers see when visiting your detail pages. It should provide customers with sufficient information that encourages them to continue looking at the product offerings.

Give your products the best possible chance of ranking and converting by using longtail keywords in your product titles. Amazon is always looking for more conversions because conversions lead to more sales on its platform. By giving Amazon what they want (more sales), you are getting what you want, too (more revenue).

Amazon suggests incorporating the following when optimizing your product title:

Brand – Product Line – Material or Key Feature – Product Type – Color – Size – Quantity

But the limit of the product title character may change in order to have a better classification between categories. Below you have a few of the recommended formats.

Product Type Amazon Title Style
Cookware & Cutlery Brand + Line + Size + Product Type
Cook’s Tools & Gadgets Brand(+Model Number if necessary) + Model Name + Product Type, Color
Small Appliances, Home Environment Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color
Tableware Brand + Pattern + Product Type, Number of Pieces
Bedding Brand + Line/Pattern + Thread Count + Material + Size + Product Type, Color
Bath Towels Brand + Line/Pattern + Material + Product Type + Quantity, Color
DVD Players Brand+ Model Number + Size + Product Type + Screen Style (if needed) + Color/Pack Size
TVs Brand + Model Number + Size + Product Type + (Color/Pack Size)
Video Games Brand + Model Number + Product Type + Platform
Laptop/Desktop Computers Brand + Model Number + PC Type + (Processor Speed + MB RAM + Hard Drive Size + Optical Drive )

Table 1. Recommended formats for Amazon title

For Amazon SEO purposes, always place the highest valued keyword towards the beginning, and work your way down to the least important. The A9 algorithm correlates higher relevance with keywords that appear earlier in the Amazon title. Although, this does not mean you should keyword stuff your Amazon titles.  In addition, here are some of the dos and don’ts for creating a good product title:



· Provide a short and informative Amazon title that helps customers quickly identify the product · Limit to 200 characters Note: The maximum character limit is 250 however, we advise you to limit to 200 characters.

 · Capitalize the first letter of each word except: the, and, or, for, a, an, in, over, with · Write numbers as numerals (2 instead of two)

 · Make use of special characters, like the ones below, to add some style and naturally break up phrases:

·  |

·  ,

·  &

·  –

· Do not use HTML tags or special characters not on a standard keyboard


· Do not use other Type 1 High ASCII characters or symbols (such as ! * $ ?)

· Do not use all capitals: THEY MAKE CONTENT HARD TO READ

· Do not capitalize:  · Conjunctions (and, or, for) · Articles (the, a, an) · Prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with, etc.)

· Do not include:

· Promotional messages such as “sale”

· Subjective or time-sensitive comments i.e. “great value” or “hot this year”

· Too much information. Titles should contain the minimum information needed to identify the item. More information makes it hard for customers to scan and identify items, and may harm your search results

· Price or availability

· Product features, product descriptions.

Table 2. Do and don’ts for creating a good Amazon title

Now that you have the tips to get a perfect title for your product…We are going to show several examples of product titles in toys category:

amazon titleamazon titleamazon title

Try to guess which of these product titles are good or bad to optimize Amazon SEO

  1. Playmovil SWAT Helicopter with Jet Skier
  2. Cintz Big Reaction Balls, 4″ in Dia, Set of 5, with free bag, FREE SHIPPING
  3. Pokemon 2ª Figure Monster Collection – Chimchar **Free Domestic Standard Shipping for This Item!**
  4. Melissa & Dorug Triangular Crayons – 24 pack
  5. Girls Boutique CREATE YOUR OWN SECRET DIARY – Set with Jeweled Box, Pens, stickers, glitters etc *BESTSELLER
  6. My Pillow Pets Wiggly Pig 18 Inches

Congratulations! If you choose products titles 1,4,6 for good and 2,3,4 for bad you are starting to understand how make a good Amazon title, furthermore we explain why.

Why are these product titles good? (1,4,6)
– Titles are descriptive yet concise, clear, and relevant
– Brand and Product are clearly called out at the start of the title
– Quantity and size are featured at the end of the product title

Why are these product titles bad? (2,3,5)
– Inclusion of promotional messaging (such as Free Shipping, Best Seller)
– Inclusion of symbols (such as *)
– Inclusions of product features that should be in the Product Key Features section (such as Pens, Stickers,

Once you have optimized the perfect Amazon title for your product is time to optimize the other key elements as the description, search terms, bullet points, images.

I hope this article will be useful for you. We will offer you a free trial of our software.


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