Starting from the beginning of March 2020 Amazon simplified the FBA Inventory Reporting, a useful and necessary tool of which Sellers can take advantage in order to verify inventory adjustments.

So let’s get a look into this topic! But first, let us remind you what FBA is, and how it works.

What is FBA? How does it work?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It means that you, as a seller, can use Amazon warehouses to store your products. Amazon will take care of the shipments to costumers, of refunds, returns and customer service. FBA is a logistics system, accessible to anyone all over the world, who wants to sell products on the Marketplace platform. Ones we have made it clear, it is time to point out how you can control your stock if you choose this storage option.

Amazon Inventory Adjustments | Reporting

Whenever you need information about your product fullfield by Amazon, you can leverage on reports. Amazon inventory adjustmens reporting is a powerful tool, which helps you to stay up to date on how your sales are going. Only sales? Of course not! We are talking about inventory. You can monitor also Inventory misplacedInventory found, and Damaged at Amazon fulfillment center and much more.

How do you do that?

Amazon improved and simplified the way you can access to reports and what you can control.

First, you can have a look at reports in two ways:

  • Online method: Misplaced, warehouse damaged, and found inventory adjustments will provide links to the reconciliation adjustment in the Inventory Adjustment report or the reimbursement transaction in the Reimbursement report.
  • Downloadable method: Misplaced, warehouse damaged, and found inventory adjustments will provide “reconciled” and “unreconciled” quantity columns. For example, when an inventory adjustment is reimbursed or reconciled, you will see unreconciled quantity decrease and reconciled quantity increase.

For all inconsistencies in inventory adjustments dated after March 19, 2021, you will be able to file a claim with Amazon immediately versus having to wait 30 days, as it was before. 

Second, another important tool added by Amazon is the Researching. It is a new inventory classification you can find in the Manage your Inventory page and report. This represents the misplaced or warehouse damaged inventory that is actively being confirmed at Amazon fulfillment centers. The duration of the research will never exceed 30 days. Once the researched inventory has been reimbursed, or has exceeded the 30-day duration, you will see the adjustment transition over to the Amazon inventory adjusment report.

We hope you found this article useful and for any doubt do not hesitate to contact us.

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