What is Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry helps you to build and protect your brand, creating a better and unique experience for customers. It is a crucial tool for any brands which face numerous challenges that threaten their credibility on the Amazon platform.

So, what are the real benefits?


  • Build your brand with:
    • A+ Content
    • Sponsored Brands
    • Amazon Stores
    • Amazon Brands Analytic
  • Protect your Brand with:
    • Accurate listings (if you want to know how to optimize your listings click here)
    • Proactive brand protection
    • Report Violations

If you want to learn more about additional brand building benefits click here.

How does Amazon Brand Registry work

You will need to accomplish the following steps to successfully register on Amazon Brand Registry:

Review eligibility requirements

You must have a registered and active text- or image-based trademark.

Sign into Amazon Brand Registry

Brand Registry applications must be submitted by the trademark owner.

Enroll your brand

Once you sign in, you will need to enroll your brand(s).

After this process, Amazon will verify that you are the Rights Owner of the trademark. They reach out to a contact that meets Amazon’s requirements. This person will receive a verification code that you will need to send back to Amazon to complete the enrolment process. Once Amazon has verified the provided information, you will get access to the full suite of Amazon Brand Registry’s benefits and features.


After this quick overview of Amazon Brand Regisrty, we would like to point out what are the recent innovations that Amazon has given to all brands which work in the marketplace. These innovations together with the submission to Amazon Brand Registry protect your brand at 360°


Amazon IP accelerator helps entrepeneurs to more quickly have their intellectual property (IP) rights. It is a free program which keeps your businesses in contact with a selected network of trusted IP law firms. IP Accelerator permits you to have access to brand protections and brand building features in Amazon’s stores, in order to better protect and grow your brand before their trademark registration officially issues.

The IP accelerator program is available worldwide. The law firms are based in the United States, European Union, India, and Japan and through the program can help brands file trademark applications with the USPTO, EUIPO, IPOUK, CGPDTM or JPO, respectively.


The aim of this project is to leverage “the combined strengths of Amazon and brands to drive counterfeits to zero“. The registration at this program will provide you with automated protection from suspected counterfeits. This is possible thanks to Amazon’s machine learning which countinuously scan store activities. You can also leverage self-service counterfeits removal whithout the necessity to contact Amazon experts, becuase you can do it by yourself using this new tool. Last, but not least Amazon provides you with product serialization. This means applying a unique code on every manufactured unit for an enrolled product, allowing Amazon to scan and confirm the authenticity of every one of those products purchased in Amazon’s stores.

In order to apply to this program, Amazon ask you for requirements. We will talk about these in the following articles, in the meanwhile let us know if you are interested by leaving a comment.


Transparency is a product serialization service that “helps identify individual units and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers”. This means that Amazon scans your products in order to assure the products that will be delivered to customers are the real ones. Moreover customers have the possibility to use the Transparency app for iOS or Android, in order to scan Transparency codes on products. The app will show a green check mark if the code is valid and a red X if it is not. Customers are even more empowered because you have the chance to also provide customers with unit-level product details, including manufacturing date, manufacturing place, and enhanced product information.

In conclusion, there are no reason why you shoud not leverage from Amazon Brand Registry and all other innovations. They provide you with protection and let your brand and business grow.

If you like this article or want to know more about something in particular, let us know!

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