The days where brands launched any old or a never-sold product on Amazon and then waiting for the results to come in are long gone. Rather, in a growing and stiff marketplace, Amazon keeps developing algorithms to match sellers’ products with their shoppers; the Amazon A9 search engine.

Nowadays, if you’re trying to make the most of the impact of your Amazon SEO campaigns, you’re probably going to be losing out on sales. After all, only the top 20% of products on Amazon are getting 80% of the revenue!

So, today, and if you’re ready to have your piece of this cake, we’ll go over the following pros and cons of Amazon SEO on what tools to use to start optimizing your listing so you can begin ranking higher today, right now!

What is Amazon SEO and why is it important?

As many of you may know, SEO is the process of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic by bringing up the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

While this might seem like an odd concept considering Amazon is an e-commerce website (and people often misconceive SEO as a Google-related need), it’s actually highly important.

Amazon A9 search engine actually outperforms Google when it comes to people doing product searches. In fact, 66% of shoppers start their product search journey on Amazon while Google is at 20%.

So, if you grasp all Amazon SEO terms, then your products’ visibility and ranking improve, so, you’ll drive more sales!

A9: The base of Amazon SEO

Amazon’s search algorithm actually has its origins in a subsidiary organization called A9 which serves as the brains behind all matchings between a customer search query with the most relevant products in the Amazon catalog. 

This algorithm is vital to Amazon’s business model because it powers the one major parameter indicator that is the most relevant: revenue per click. And by focusing on the products most important to a customer’s search query, Amazon boosts its chances of generating a sale, hence, a revenue.

In fact, factors such as the degree of text match, price, availability, variety, and sales history will help to determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. So, if you provide relevant and complete information for your product, you can boost your product’s visibility and sales.You can always do such witht he help on an external software to automate certain tasks and spend less time on Amazon Campaigns.

What makes a product rank on Amazon?

While Amazon holds very secretly the details of its A9 Search Algorithm, there are a few key factors that we know can definitely help to determine a product’s rank.

In fact, when you create an Amazon product listing, you are actually telling Amazon how your product looks like.

Then, when customers click on your product listing and make a purchase, they, too, are telling Amazon that this product is in fact, exactly as described and precisely what they were looking for.

In fact, you should think of Amazon’s A9 search engine as the smartest human being you’ve ever encountered. However, this person lacks confidence in their answers,  and it’s not until thousands of people tell this person they’re right, that they start to believe it themselves and acting accordingly.

And that’s basically how Amazon SEO and the A9 algorithm work together.

The importance of Keywords

If Amazon’s A9 search algorithm doesn’t know what your product is, how can it make sales? And how does Amazon even know what your product is in the first place?

The answer is surprisingly simple:  Keywords and great product listings, and you can search them automatically with Epinium!

So, this is it for today’s post!

If you wish to keep reading more about Amazon SEO, stay tuned to our blog posts for more content like this!

As usual, if you have any doubts, feel free to write comments in the comments section down below.

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